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Fullerton Police announce promotions
Contact :Dan Hughes, Acting Chief, Fullerton Police Department    (714) 738-6840

Fullerton Police Acting Chief Dan Hughes announced the several promotions today (March 29). 

Chief Hughes said that Lieutenants George Crum will be promoted to the rank of captain effective this Saturday.  Lieutenant Lorraine Jones will be promoted effective this Sunday. 

The other promotions are: Sergeants Andrew Goodrich and Mike Chlebowski will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.  Corporals Tony Rios and Rob James will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  And Officers Thayer and Valdiserri will be promoted to the rank of Corporal

Jones has been with the city 26 years;  Crum, 25;  Chlebowski, 22;  Goodrich, 21;  James, 20;  Rios, 16;  Valdiserri, 6;  and Thayer, 5.