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Drought Response Plan

Drought Response Plan

Turn off sprinklers when it rains

Outdoor watering of turf areas and other landscape areas with potable water is prohibited during and within 48 hours after measurable rainfall. 



Watering Restrictions

New Outdoor Watering Schedule begins on July 19, 2016. Outdoor irrigation is allowed three days per week.

  • Addresses that end in 0,2,4,6,8 may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Addresses that end in 1,3,5,7,9 may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Prohibit outdoor watering on lawn or other turf areas on all days between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM
Limit on watering duration:
Outdoor watering of turf areas with potable water is limited to:
  • No more than five (5) minutes per station for non-conserving nozzles (e.g. spray heads, sprinklers and bubblers); or
  • No more than fifteen (15) minutes per cycle and up to two (2) cycles per station for high efficiency sprinkler nozzles;
  • No limitation on maximum watering minutes for water efficient drip irrigation
  • Outdoor watering of turf areas and other landscape areas with potable water shall be prohibited during and within 48 hours after measurable rainfall
  • Prohibit water runoff from landscaped areas into adjoining streets, sidewalks or other paved areas due to incorrectly directed or incorrectly maintained sprinklers or excessive watering
  • Prohibit using a hose to wash down paved surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways and parking areas
  • Hand watering of plants and trees is encouraged during the early mornings and evenings..


Water Savings


Conservation Notice

Door Hangers

Some of the most common excessive water activities observed include broken or misaligned sprinklers, watering during the hottest time of the day or when it raining, and excessive water runoff from the property. The door hanger is a friendly reminder regarding voluntary and mandatory water efficiency measures and provides recommendations and/or requirements to address the observed excessive water activities. If you have any questions regarding issuance of a door hanger please contact our water conservation staff at (714) 738-2835. 

Conservation Notice - Door Hanger - pdf

Conservation Phases


Current Conservation Level

The Fullerton Drought Response Plan has entered into Phase III conservation and additional measures.
Learn about the phases of conservation.


Fullerton Drought Update

State Water Board adopted a revised emergency regulation which extends restrictions on urban water use through January 2017.  Under the new regulation, last year’s state-mandated conservation targets are being replaced with locally determined measures established under a self-certification approach (“Stress Test”). The Stress Test requires each retail agency to demonstrate whether or not they require a state mandated water use reduction requirement under specific, extreme conditions of high demand and low precipitation for a three year period.

While specific mandates are being eliminated, we are in no way retreating from conservation. There have been improvements in water supplies in 2016 thanks to improved rain and snowfall in Northern California, but local reservoirs and groundwater basins are far from full, and precipitation amounts for next winter are uncertain. City staff has conducted an assessment of Fullerton’s water supply, pursuant to hypothetical criteria set forth by the state. Thanks to our investment in drought-resilient supplies, we are able to demonstrate that we are drought-prepared in the event of another three dry years. Although there is “zero” gap between our supply and demand for three more dry years, it does not mean “zero” conservation. We ask our customers to continue their water water-wise practices and commit to a voluntary reduction in water use of 10% from their 2013 baseline so together we can remain drought-prepared and efficient. Thank you for your efforts to save water during this drought!

Analysis and supporting documentation:
Water Conservation Self-Certification Analysis - Fullerton Water Utility
Imported potable water supply - Metropolitan Water District
Local groundwater supply - Orange County Water District


Are you a Fullerton Water Hero?

Many residents have cut back significantly in their water usage, and the City of Fullerton wants to celebrate their efforts and share their water saving tips as Fullerton’s ‘Water-Saving Heroes’. To nominate yourself or someone you know, please fill out the application below. For further information, please contact Phuong Nguyen at (714) 738-2835 - PhuongN@cityoffullerton.com.



Water Helpline

Let us continue to work together to help reduce water use during the drought. If you notice a broken pipe in your neighborhood or suspect a water leak in your yard, or if you would like someone to conduct a free water use assessment, please call the Water Helpline. Together we can conserve our precious water resources.
(714) 738-6744

myFullerton App

myFullerton places the power of City Government in the palm of your hands. Easily notify issues to the City of Fullerton along with a photo and GPS location. Your request will automatically be routed to the correct department. Opt in to receive notifications and we will let you know when the issue has been cleaned up. Thanks for helping to take the time to keep Fullerton Clean.


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Water Conservation Resources:

Rebate Programs

  • SoCal Water $mart
  • Indoor and outdoor rebates. Including clothes washers, toilets, sprinklers, irrigation controllers, and rain barrels.
  • Turf removal rebates are no longer available

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