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Pooch Park

My dog is anxious around other dogs. Can I still use the dog park?
The situation varies with each dog but the determining factor is the level of anxiety. It’s normal for a dog to be a little nervous when visiting the park for the first time or being around so many other dogs. However, if your dog is constantly hiding under a table or barking constantly, this is red flag that indicates your dog is not ready for the dog park. As in the above question, an anxious dog will draw the attention of other dogs which will make your dog even more nervous. Your dog may feel cornered or trapped, causing him/her to snap at other dogs. This can lead to a fight. For the safety of everyone in the park, please keep an eye on your dog at all times.
Why must I remove the leash when entering the dog park?
When dogs are leashed, they feel restricted. Normally, this is not a problem. However, when your dog is the only leashed dog amongst a pack of unleashed dogs, it tends to make them extremely nervous and anxious. This anxiety draws the attention of other dogs and before you know it, you’ll have a huge pack of dogs around you. This may lead to a lot of barking and possibly to an attack. So, for the safety of your dog, please unleash your dog after you enter the gate.
Where can my dog get water?
Currently, there is only one drinking fountain. It is located between the small dog area and the large dog area. There is also water inside the large dog park.
Why is food not allowed in the park?
Food tends to bring the aggressive side out of any animal. Although your dog(s) may be well mannered at home, it’s a different story when there are a dozen strange dogs in a relatively small area. To prevent injuries to both dogs and their owners, ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE PARK, NOT EVEN DOG TREATS.
Can large Service Dogs enter the small dog park?
Certified Service Dogs, of any size, are exempt from park "dog size" restrictions and ARE allowed in any part of the park. Certified Service Dogs, because of the training and testing they receive, ARE allowed to be with and stay with their owner at all times – anywhere the person is allowed to be. This means that a large Certified Service Dog is welcome to enter the small dog area with its owner, as long as the owner is there with his small dog pet. That also means that a small Certified Service Dog is welcome to enter the large dog area with its owner, as long as the owner is there with his large dog pet. Denying a disabled person entrance to a public facility because of his service animal is illegal.

With that said, any person bringing a small or large Certified Service Dog to Fullerton Pooch Park must make sure the Certified Service Dog is wearing some type of identification stating it is a Certified Service Dog. Please also remember that, although your dog is a Certified Service Dog, 99% of the dogs at Pooch Park are not certified. This means that a large dog may not welcome a small dog (regardless of its certification) into the large dog area. Please carefully consider the situation before entering any area for the safety of all animals and people.

To all visitors: if you see a disabled person at the park, please do your best to assist that person. And as always, be kind, be thoughtful and be aware.

See Pooch Park Rules

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