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How many animals can I have at my home?
House pets are limited to the following:

Single-Family Homes: Any combination of dogs and cats totaling four animals (three dogs maximum), plus their offspring under four months old, per lot of twenty thousand square feet or less. One additional adult dog or one additional adult cat may be kept on a residential lot of over twenty thousand square feet in size. Additional animals in excess of this provision may be kept in R-1 zones only with the approval of a conditional use permit. The keeping of four or more dogs or four or more cats will require a non-commercial kennel license from the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Apartments, condominiums, duplexes or mobile homes: Two adult dogs or cats, or one of each, plus their offspring under four months per each duplex unit, apartment unit, condominium, or mobile home. This section shall not take precedence over any existing management or association agreement/regulation regarding the keeping of animals.
Fish and birds, excluding exotic and livestock varieties (see below) are not regulated.

Livestock and other animals are subject to the following regulations:

  1. Small livestock such as poultry and rabbits, except crowing roosters, may be kept, provided no coops or pens are located within thirty feet of a habitable dwelling on adjacent property;
  2. Equine and bovine animals such as horses, cattle and sheep are permitted under the following conditions:

Two adult animals may be kept on a site containing not less than 32,670 square feet of net land area within the property boundaries. An additional animal may be kept for each additional fifteen thousand square feet of land. The offspring of bovine animals shall be counted as adults when they are six months old and of equine animals when they are one year old;

No such animal shall be permitted to approach closer than fifty feet to a habitable dwelling on adjacent property and thirty feet to a patio, swimming pool or similar facility on adjacent property;

Additional equine animals, including commercial stables, may be kept on vacant R-1 zoned property of no less than three-fourths acre only if a conditional use permit has been obtained subject to annual Planning Commission review, and only if such property abuts upon a street having a right-of-way width of not less than eighty feet;

The keeping of all wild animals is prohibited, except for the following: birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, white rats and/or mice, nonpoisonous snakes not exceeding six feet in length, turtles, nonpoisonous toads, lizards, salamanders, newts, chameleons, kangaroo rats, or fish, except piranhas and walking catfish.

The information I'm looking for is not here. How can I contact the Code Enforcement Division?
The Code Enforcement Division can be reached at (714)738-6553 during business hours.  (At times of peak demand, our office number may roll over to voicemail.)

You may always access our 24-hour services:

What are the City's requirements for noise control and how can I make a complaint about noise?
The City’s complete regulations concerning noise levels can be found in Chapter 15.90 of the Municipal Code.  Noise created by construction activities is exempt from the noise ordinance during the hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 

Noise levels on Sundays and Federal holidays must conform to the City’s noise standards (measured from the interior of a residence: 55 decibels during the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and 45 decibels 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) 

Complaints about construction noise should be directed to Code Enforcement.  You may phone our 24-hour hotline at (714)773-5704 or file a complaint through our Citizen Support Center.

Call the Police Department about loud parties at the time when the noise is occurring; Code Enforcement staff cannot conduct enforcement activities after the fact.

What are the rules for towing vehicles from private property?
Regulations for both the towing of vehicles from private property and the signage that is required can be found in section 3.75.320 of the Fullerton Municipal Code.
What can I do if I believe something is in violation of the City Code?
The Code Enforcement Division responds to citizen complaints of Municipal Ordinance violations. Call the Code Enforcement Hotline (714)773-5704 (24-hours)

You may also file complaints using our Citizen Support Center.

What is the purpose of the Code Enforcement Division and what services does it provide?
The Code Enforcement Division addresses code violations involving health, safety, public nuisance and property maintenance.

Connect to the Code Enforcement Main Page here.

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