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BUSC Minutes June 20, 2007

Transportation Center - Main Entrance
Wednesday, June 20, 2007 - 5:30 p.m.

Gene Hiegel, Chairman
Davis Barber
Edmundo Duvignau, Vice-Chairman
Banning Ostrow
Kent Morris
James Donovan

James Barnum

Hye Jin Lee, Civil Engineer


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was called to order at 5:31 p.m.


The May 16, 2007 meeting minutes were approved.



All committee members present and the staff walked around the Transportation Center to locate possible sites for a secured Bike Rack area. A map is attached to the meeting minutes indicating the possible sites. Each site is numbered in red and a description of the site is as follows.

Description of the sites

1. Covered platform east of the main entrance to the Transportation Center.

This area is owned by the City, however, the Building is leased to the Bushala Brothers Inc.

2. Between the covered platform and the tracks.

3. East of platform parking spaces.

4. Halfway between the platform and Terry’s Automotive between the tracks.

Hye Jin commented that this option seems very dangerous and there may be setback limits/requirements from the Rail Agency.

5. West of Terry’s Automotive Motor Cycle Parking Area.

There were only a couple of motorcycles parked at the time of the walk.

BUSC June 20, 2007 Meeting Minutes

6. South of the Parking Structure Sidewalk cutout areas.

Hye Jin mentioned that there is a minimum requirement of 4’ clearance from the bikes at the sidewalk in order to comply with American Disability Act (ADA) requirements.

7. West of OCTA Load/Unload area in the brick paving areas.

8. Covered patio west of AMTRAK Ticket office.

Hye Jin mentioned that this area may not be suitable because the building is historic and a chain link enclosure would look out of place.

Knowing that the Transportation Center has a working master plan for redevelopment, Davis mentioned that we can utilize a $25,000 grant that the City has received to install more bike racks to alleviate the lack of bike racks in the short term (may be in the next 3-4 years before the construction of the redevelopment begins).

Desire of the Committee is to install an enclosure with a security lock or a punch-in code entry. The enclosure can be constructed with chain link fence and gate.

If an enclosure is not possible, consensus of the group is to install the additional Bike Racks in the more visible and heavy foot traffic area because it may deter theft activities.

A bike locker user stated he has been using the bike locker for about 3 years and he loves it. He mentioned that sometimes a homeless person may sleep around the corner of the bike locker/wall and so sanitation sometimes can be a problem.

The Bike Locker user mentioned that Irvine Transportation Center has more bike lockers and other types of racks.

Davis proposes to write a Proposal for the Bike Users Improvement Plan for the Transportation Center and research other locations.


Jim and Matt of the public were present during the discussion. Both mentioned that during the past 2 years of commuting with their bikes each have noticed a significant increase in bike users and commuters. They also mentioned that it will be nice to have a facility similar to the one located in the City of Long Beach where an attendant will take in the bike and give a stub. The facility will also repair bikes and sell refreshments.

Banning said that concept may be a conflict of interest for him.

Currently Jim thought that the Long Beach bike storage operation is in part subsidized by the City of Long Beach. Hye Jin and the committee members acknowledged that there may not be funding or space/property available for that.

Jim also mentioned that for constrained space, a Bike Tree rack can be used instead of traditional U shaped bike racks.

BUSC June 20, 2007 Meeting Minutes


Davis volunteered to visit Long Beach and find out more about the Bike Check In operation and facility. Kent also said that if he was in the area of Long Beach he’ll do the same.

Ed will visit Irvine Transportation Center to see what Bike Rack and other Bike storage options are available.

Banning will contact Bushala Brothers to see whether installing bike racks on the above mentioned locations in their property can be possible.

Gene requested that the City send out the meeting reminder on Monday of the week the meeting is scheduled.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:39 p.m. until the next regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, July 18, 2007.

Jim Donovan will be on vacation and will not be able to come to the July meeting.

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