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Inmate privileges & items allowed into the Fullerton City Jail

All inmates will be searched before entering the Fullerton City Jail

  • Medications
    • The Fullerton Jail does not have medical staff on duty at any time.
    • Asthma inhalers or OTC medications such as Motrin or Tylenol are allowed.
    • All medications except inhalers will be held in a secure lock box.
  • Clothing
    • It will consist of casual type clothing such as jeans or pants, plain t-shirts that do not contain designs, writing or pictures, socks, sweat shirts (no hoods) and sweat pants for example.
    • Shorts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts or beach attire is not allowed.
    • Do not bring any clothing that would be offensive to other inmates or employees, or that would be considered gang-related clothing.
    • Inmates will wear the orange and white Fullerton inmate shirt any time they leave their jail cell.
    • Sandals or any open toe shoes are not permitted when performing assigned tasks or regular duties.
  • Personal items/toiletries
    • Pillow case and pillow, blanket, shaving kit (electric razor is ok), toothbrush/paste, hair gel.
    • All items will be stored in a locker and nothing will be left out in view.
    • Cigarettes and lighters are not permitted and, if found, will be confiscated, discarded or disposed of.
  • Food
    • Small items that can be heated up in the oven or microwave.
    • Limit the supplies to a week long, as storage space is limited.
    • Frozen meals, pop corn, cup of soup, cereal, beef jerky, soda, juice, etc.
    • If you leave during the week, please limit the food you bring to 1 to 2 days worth. You can bring more food for the weekend.
  • Phones/laptops/etc.: All electronic devices are NOT allowed.
    • If any of these items are brought into the jail, the Jailer will either place the item in a property locker inside the jail office and it will be returned when the inmate leaves or book the item into safekeeping where it can be returned to the inmate only during business hours from Monday to Friday.
  • Phone Calls
    • Inmates will have access to collect phone calls from their cells. A prepaid account can be set up after the inmate checks into the jail. Calling cards cannot be used with the phones inside the jail


All of the above items are privileges and may be revoked because of violations of jail rules or regulations or misuse by the inmate.

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