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Nora Kuttner Trail

Nora Kuttner Trail

picture of nora kuttnerLength: 0.64 mile

Endpoints: N.E. corner of Castlewood Drive and Parks Rd. to Euclid St.

Difficulty: Moderate

City adds extension to Kuttner recreational trail

A continuation of the Rosecrans Trail, the Nora Kuttner Trail may prove to be a bit more challenging. Begin at the West Coyote Hills Tree Park and head north on Parks Road. When you hit Castlewood Dr., follow the trail uphill. As you stop to catch your breath, don't forget to enjoy to the spectacular view and listen to the birds in the adjacent West Coyote Hills Nature Preserve. For bikers, watch your speed as you make your way downhill. Cross Euclid St. and continue on to the Bud Turner Trail and Laguna Lake Park.