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Hiltscher Park Trail

Hiltscher Park Trail

Length: 1.39 miles

Endpoints: Corner of Bastanchury Rd. & W. Valley View Dr. to the Juanita Cooke Trail off Valencia Mesa Dr.

Difficulty: Easy

This trail is a local favorite for bike riders. With its mature trees and marked paths, it is devoted solely to trail trekkers. To begin, catch the Juanita Cooke Trail off Valencia Mesa Dr. and proceed South. Turn right on to the Hiltscher Park Trail. Cross Euclid St. and continue on to W. Valley View Drive.

Hiltscher Trail Crossing The City of Fullerton, in an ongoing effort to improve the City’s trail system, has recently installed a signalized crossing at Hiltscher Trail and Euclid St. This signal is activated by pressing the “walk” button (there is also a button for those riding horses). The wait time is about a minute, similar to the trail crossing at Juanita Cooke trail Morelia St. and Bastanchury. Other improvements to Hiltscher Trail are in final design, and will likely be under construction in the Spring of next year.