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CSC Minutes July 8, 2002

CSC Minutes July 8, 2002

Regular Meeting
Fullerton Main Library Meeting Room - Side Entrance
Monday, July 8, 2002
6:30 p.m.

Public comment will be allowed on items on this agenda at the time each item is considered.

Persons addressing the Commission shall be limited to 5 minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Chairman, subject to approval of the Commission. When any group of persons wishes to address the Commission, it shall be proper for the Chairman to request that a spokesman be chosen to represent the group.

Public comments will also be allowed on items NOT on the agenda, but within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission, prior to approval of the minutes, and will be limited to thirty minutes and not to exceed five minutes per person. No one will be heard twice. Any public comments not received at the beginning of the session may be heard at the end of the session. NO action may be taken on off-agenda items, except as provided by law.

Chair Dalton called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.
The flag salute was led by Commissioner Swanson.
Present: Miller, Spencer, Hewett, Swanson, Dalton
Absent: Han, Russell

Susan Hunt, Director
Grace Miranda, Manager
Judy Peterson, Manager
Dan Sereno, Landscape Superintendent
Stacy Michalak, Center Administrator
Leslie Johnson, Tiny Tots Teacher II
Aaron Orozco, Community Services Coordinator

The following member of the public gave his comments:

Neal Anderson
29021 N. Birch Place

Mr. Anderson came to represent golfers who patronize the Municipal Golf Course. He pointed out that the revenue the City is receiving from the Golf Course is not being used for the facility. He summarized a letter he wrote to the Commission, wherein his group would like the Fullerton Municipal Golf Course to become an agenda item at the September 9th meeting. He also mentioned that he had written a letter to Chair Dalton some time back, asking that his group be on the agenda for today's meeting. What his group would like is to have a community formal or informal advisory board/commission. The purpose of the group would be for public input, discussion, and consensus building. He also requested that the Commission hold back approval of the Brea Dam Recreational Area Budget. He showed a copy of the City's Budget on the overhead, and pointed out that there is no money going to refurbish the Golf Course. He noted that several other cities are spending $1-2 million, and are temporarily closing down and refurbishing their golf courses. Mr. Anderson is of the opinion that, since our golf course is smaller than some other golf courses, the last two rate increases should be rolled back. In the January 2000 Community Services Commission Minutes regarding the rate increase, it was suggested that perhaps Fullerton should charge a surcharge to non-residents, which would give the City the extra revenue to make some changes. He requested that this item be an agenda item at the next Commission meeting, at which time he would bring other senior golfing patrons for their input.

Commissioners Comments:
There were no Commissioner comments.


  1. Minutes

    Approval of the Minutes of the May 13, 2002 Regular Meeting.

    Commissioner Spencer MOTIONED to approve the Minutes, as written:
    Commissioner Miller SECONDED the Motion.

    The Minutes were approved with the following vote:
    AYES: Miller, Spencer, Hewett, Swanson, Dalton
    NOES: None

    The MOTION carried unanimously.


  1. Class E-Connect

    Manager Miranda gave the Commission a demonstration of the classEconnect website. It has not been advertised yet, as the Division is waiting for an incription system for credit cards. As soon as that is in place, the website will be advertised. It is hoped that the address will be www.classEconnect.com. or www.classEconnect.cityoffullerton.com. Manager Miranda showed the Commissioners via overhead projection how to get on to classEconnect, walked them through the steps involved in accessing the site, showed them what the website looked like to familiarize them with the site, and took the Commissioners through the steps involved in registering. She explained the process of registering for a class as being similar to that of shopping on-line, wherein the registrant clicks on the class and adds it to the "cart." If a person does not know the name of the class, they can also enter by subject, teacher, or category. Improvements are still in the works; however, it will be ready for use very soon.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:
    Commissioners asked questions and commented, as follows: are the directions on the website clear enough for everyone to operate the program; if you are not already in the system, how do you get onto the website; how do you verify residents - are they logged in already; how does the program verify that the person is a resident; can you register on-line from this site - do you have to have a name or user, and can you get it from this site; and, will this be coming up with the fall registration?

  2. Recreation Division Presentation

    Manager Peterson and her Division made a presentation about their programs. She mentioned that this was the busiest time of the year - staff increases from 70 part-time staff during the school year to about 140 in the summer - mostly for aquatics. She then introduced Melissa Larkin, Recreation Program Assistant.

    Recreation Program Assistant Larkin shared that most of her programs take place in the summer at the Dam. Her staff works in conjunction with Playgrounds-on-the- Go, who come to the Brea Dam on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with an average of 40 participants each day. Activities offered at the Dam are crafts, games, and hikes. Another activity is the campfires, which were started two years ago. Two Fridays out of the year, there are family campfires. Recreation Program Assistant Larkin showed an overhead of a children's' concert, which she noted was the third year for this event. The concerts will be combined with the campfires, which is for children ages 5-11, attracting an average of 250 participants.

    Activities taper off during the school year, and events are mainly on the weekends. Between January and May, there are family hikes, attracting 15-30 people. In January of this year, the Division instituted a "Snow Day at the Dam," which attracted more than 600 participants. There were runs, play areas, snowmen, and photo ops. The Division also does a Spring Carnival and Egg Hunt each year that includes carnival games, egg hunt, moon bounce, and face painting. This year, approximately 120 children attended. There is also a Volunteer Connection Day during the last weekend of April, which is a nationally-recognized event that promotes volunteerism within the community. Also, Community Services volunteers participate with a clean-up at Brea Dam. The Division has also done trail clean-ups with Boy and Girl Scout troops, where they earn their merit badges. This past year, the "Haunted Night Hike" was implemented, which drew 240 people. The Adopt-A-Park program has two sessions: January - May, and September - December. Participants include schools, non-profit youth groups, and church youth organizations.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: how do you ensure that the groups are keeping the parks up; what are the things that they do in the parks; and, if a park needs weeding, do you pass that on to the Landscape Department?

    Stacy Michalak, Center Administrator, introduced herself and talked about Independence Park. She listed some of the amenities at the park, such as the 10,000 sq. ft. skate park, four indoor racquetball courts, three outdoor handball courts, picnic tables, the Frances Wood Activity Center, and the Janet Evans Swim Complex. At the Frances Wood Activity Center, there is a classroom in which different club activities are held (Craft Club, Tiny Tots, meetings, folklorico dancing, etc.) In the gym, there are 75-100 participants per day, plus drop-in participants that come to use the gym for various sports activities. There is open play basketball and volleyball for adults; senior volleyball; basketball and volleyball rentals for both youth and adults; sports camps; and special events (i.e., Halloween carnival, and costume contest with carnival games). At the Janet Evans Swim Complex, there is an average of 500 people per day for recreational and lap swimming during the summer. There is a Guard Start Program, which is a junior life guarding program; summer swim lessons; diving classes; a summer swim team; instructional classes for future lifeguards to get certifications; pre-summer luau parties for sixth graders who are having end-of-the year parties; country-wide youth and adult swim meets; and F.A.S.T. (Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team).

    Aaron Orozco, Youth Services Coordinator, introduced himself and gave an overview of his areas of responsibility. He advised the Commission that he coordinates Adaptive Recreation, Playgrounds, and Teen Programs. The Adaptive Recreation program is for mentally and physically disabled youth and adults. The Division works with both Fullerton and Placentia-Yorba Linda School Districts on the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant. In the Fullerton School District, Community Services serves Pacific Drive, Raymond, Richman, Woodcrest, and Orangethorpe Elementary Schools; and, in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District, Morse, Ruby Drive, Topaz, and Tynes Elementary Schools are served. The School Districts are provided with after-school cooperative games, special events, and team sports from 2 - 6 p.m. At Orangethorpe Park Recreation Center, there are various activities, including a daily snack (offered through the School District), and enrichment activities. During the summer, Recreation programs are conducted at four community centers and parks within the City - Chapman, Hillcrest, Gilbert, and Orangethorpe Parks. This is a 9-week program, serving approximately 70 children per day, providing them with various games and activities from 12 - 4 p.m. Every week, there is one excursion or one special event. Also provided are teen programs. During the school year and summer is the L.E.A.D. program (Leaders Effectively Accomplishing Development). This program started in 1995 and is based out of Nicolas, Ladera Vista, and Parks Junior High Schools. The program is designed to build and develop leadership skills through participation in various group activities, community service projects, leadership camps, and special events planning. There are approximately 60 youth participating weekly. Students of the junior high schools are also provided special events such as dances, lunchtime contests, games at the schools, etc. Other special events throughout the year are Job Shadow Day, Annual Lip Sync, and the Best of the Best Basketball Tournament. The youth also participate in community service activities, such as graffiti removal, convalescent home visits, and nature trail clean-ups.

  3. Landscape Maintenance Division Monthly Maintenance Report

    Superintendent Sereno was on hand for questions and comments regarding his monthly maintenance report.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    The Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: comments were made regarding contracting median maintenance, and how is it working; has Maintenance Services increased staff to accommodate the new sports parks; how many acres is the Sports Complex; and, 17 acres seems very large for the staff to handle; when will the Sports Complex be ready?

  4. Building and Facilities Division Monthly Maintenance Report

    Superintendent Sereno asked if there were any questions on this Division's monthly report.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    The Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: have the new fixtures been installed in the park restrooms yet; one Commissioner was under the impression that the wading pools were in such disrepair that they were going to be closed down, but noticed that the one at Byerrum Park is being well used - did we refurbish them, or were they not in as bad of shape as believed; the plants from two areas of the medium on Bastanchury have been removed - probably for viewing - but nothing has replaced it - there is just dirt, and something should replace it, such as pavers; and, same thing at State College and Bastanchury.

  5. Report on City Council Agenda Items

    Director Hunt asked if there were any questions on any of the Council agenda items listed.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: what is the Emergency Use Agreement between the City and St. Jude; and, what is the Amendment to the Laguna Lake Proposal?

  6. Commissioner Comments

    Commissioners commented as follows: regarding Mr. Neal Anderson's presentation about the golf course, he brought up some valid points - what follow- up will we do as a result of his presentation, and as a result of the forum that was held a few weeks ago; are we privy to American Golf's profit margin from the Golf Course; are we satisfied that American Golf is living up to their obligations in the contract - are there some concerns; the Golf Course is at least open to dialog and, as we are more closely monitoring both what is going on at the Golf Course and American Golf's part in it, that is a positive thing, since it is a City asset; the idea of a resident's fee is a valid idea; and, it was asked if Director Hunt could keep the Commission abreast of how the communications go with American Golf.

    Director Hunt brought to the Commissioners' attention a national publication, which featured one of the City's senior programs.

  7. Adjournment until September 9th Meeting

    Chair Dalton mentioned that the next meeting would be on September 9th, since August will be the Commission vacation month.

Chair Dalton asked for a MOTION to Adjourn.

Commissioner Hewett MOTIONED to Adjourn.

Commissioner Swanson SECONDED the Motion.

AYES: Miller, Spencer, Swanson, Hewett, Dalton
NOES: None

The meeting Adjourned at 7:39 p.m.