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Across Time * Beyond Place

Across Time * Beyond Place

Contemporary Mexican Art
Jan. 29 - April 30, 2000

Across Time * Beyond Place: Contemporary Mexican Art was an art exhibit that examined issues of Mexican cultural identity, which intersect with a contemporary global view. These issues were examined through approximately 20 artworks by four Mexican artists whose work has come to the forefront in the past decade.

Themes that are used by the artists to depict the convergence of Mexican national identity with today's global society include specific cultural narratives, the appearance of the miraculous, the chorus of time, daily life, and the depiction of urban, religious, and indigenous symbols.

The exhibit showcased the richness of Mexican culture, past and present, and its continued potential for future global interaction. With the combination of the old and new within Mexican contemporary artistry, one can experience the essence of the Mexican traditions.

Organized by the Fullerton Museum Center and San Diego State University Art Gallery.

[picture by claudia fernandez][picture by arturo elizondo]

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