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10 Ways You Can Prevent Storm Water Pollution
NPDES and Storm Water

1. Throw your litter in the trash can or recycling bin (as appropriate), not the street and never into the storm drain.Dispose of all trash properly – fast food wrappers, Styrofoam cups, bottles and paper – every time.

2. Always put your cigarette butts in ashtrays, not on the streets. Remember – our parks, playgrounds and beaches are not ashtrays. “Hold on to your butts” and help keep these places clean and safe for Orange County’s children and families to enjoy.

3. Empty automobile ashtrays into the trash, not out your car window. Keep these toxic butts from polluting our waterways, while also minimizing the risk that children and pets will ingest, choke on or get burned from these dangerous pollutants. It will also minimize the risk of fires.

4. Pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in trash cans or the toilet. Bring extra bags on your walk to share with other pet owners. You can help cut down on the spread of disease carried by animal waste and maintain clean and healthy neighborhoods, beaches and waterways.

5. Take action. Organize or join in the clean up of a beach, river or community. Join with your neighbors to adopt a local park or playground and organize a clean up event. Do your part to keep your community and waterways healthy and clean and encourage others to participate. Get involved and beautify your neighborhood!

6. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle materials whenever possible. By following the Three R’s, you will be creating less waste that could end up on our streets and contribute to further storm water pollution.

7. Limit use of pesticides and fertilizers year-round, especially during the rainy season. Excess pesticides and fertilizers applied to your garden and yard will wash away in the rain, straight into the storm drain system. Apply lawn and garden chemicals sparingly and follow directions.

8. Make it a practice to purchase non-toxic or less-toxic products for home and garden use. Dispose of all leftover toxic products (paint, household cleaners, pesticides, etc.) at a free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. Call 1-800-449-7587 or visit http://www.oclandfills.com/hhwcc.asp for more information.

9. Recycle your used motor oil and other automotive fluids by taking them to a certified used oil recycling center where it can be disposed of properly. For a location near you, call 1-800-CLEANUP or visit http://www.ochealthinfo.com/regulatory/usedoil.htm. Click here for a list of Used Oil Collection Centers in Fullerton.

10. Rake or sweep up sidewalks and driveways, rather than hosing them down. Using a hose forces debris and chemical residues into storm drains, which can clog gutters and lead to street flooding and polluted waterways.

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