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BUSC Minutes January 19, 2005

BUSC Minutes January 19, 2005

Council Conference Room . . . . City Hall
Wednesday, January 19, 2005. . . .5:30 p.m.

Frederick E. Von Coellin, Chair
Phil Lamontagne Vice Chair
Denny Bean
Bruce Shoemaker
Jack James
Greg Lindstrom
John Olmsted


Bruce Shoemaker

STAFF PRESENT: Ron Bowers, Senior Civil Engineer
Beverley White, City Clerk


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was called to order at 5:30 p.m.


The Minutes of the November 17, 2004 meeting were approved.



    City Clerk Beverley White stated lot drawings are being done for direct appointments for each committee member to a City Council member. The BUSC then drew numbers to be assigned to a specific council member. John Olmsted did not draw a number due to the fact that he is a representative of the Transportation and Circulation Commission and had already drawn for that specific committee. Jack James was appointed to Leland Wilson. Denny Bean was appointed to Shawn Nelson. Greg Lindstrom was appointed to Sharon Quirk. Phil Lamontagne was appointed to Dr. Dick Jones and Frederick Von Coellin was appointed to Don Bankhead.


    Ron Bowers stated there are a couple of components that are being proposed regarding Dorothy Lane at State College Boulevard. The Cal State Fullerton Campus is proposing a 5 foot bike lane going into the campus and 5 foot bike lane coming out of the campus. Three lanes will be installed leaving the campus including a right-turn lane, through lane and a left-turn lane. On Dorothy Lane, currently the bike lane ends about 150 feet from the intersection but there are problems with this intersection with cars not being able to get through the intersection to make left-turns due to pedestrians. Engineering is proposing to put dual left-turns in for eastbound Dorothy to go to northbound State College including a combination through left-turn lane and a right turn lane (3 lanes total). In addition to that, the City is looking to remove the pedestrian crosswalk on the north side of the intersection that crosses State College Boulevard. Three way phasing for signals will also be put into effect. A question was asked what will happen to the bike lanes on the west side of the campus. Ron Bowers stated that a bike lane is currently striped that goes all the way to the intersection for westbound Dorothy. Currently the bike lane stops 150 feet short of the intersection for eastbound Dorothy because of the right-turn movement. It was also made mention that the proposed lanes are pretty tight. Ron Bowers stated the proposed lanes are 10 feet wide, bike lanes are 5 feet and a 9 foot right-turn lane with bike pedestrian buttons installed. It was asked if this was just information only because this issue is probably about 2 years away due to the completion of the other parking structure. BUSC members stated they would like to discuss this issue further with Jay Bond from the Cal-State Fullerton Campus when it comes closer to completion. Ron Bowers stated that the BUSC should recommend approval or deny this improvement and then it will go before the Transportation and Circulation Commission. A comment was made regarding the bicyclist button is worthless and there is a need for an appropriate trigger in the through lane. After lengthy discussion regarding the bicyclist pedestrian button, the BUSC Subcommittee accepted the proposed plans for Dorothy Lane.


    Chairman Von Coellin stated that certain areas regarding City signage is not as complete as it should be regarding bike trails. He also stated that Councilman Bankhead was concerned with general bicycle safety, mainly the bicyclist being aware of vehicular traffic and vehicles being aware of bicyclists. Bicycle safety should also be a concern that the BUSC be involved in. The BUSC should also encourage the completion of the Bike Master Plan and this should be a high priority. Ron Bowers stated regarding the Bike Master Plan, staff is reviewing it and staff needs to see what is buildable compared with what was actually recommended. When complete, it will go before the Transportation and Circulation Commission and then to City Council. Chairman Von Coellin stated that they now have a Council person to report to and should let them know what the Subcommittee is doing. He also stated something should be put on the Citys web site regarding bicycle safety within the routes. Ron Bowers stated the Subcommittee needs to prioritize a list with important issues of the BUSC. Chairman Von Coellin then made a recommendation to come back at the next meeting with a compiled prioritized list and submit this list to their reporting council members to let City Council know what is important to the BUSC.






The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was adjourned to the next regularly scheduled meeting of February 16, 2005.