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BUSC Minutes April 16, 2003

BUSC Minutes April 16, 2003


Council Conference Room . . . . City Hall
Wednesday, April 16, 2003 . . . 5:30 p.m.
John Olmsted, Chairman
Frederick E. Von Coelln, Vice Chairman
Denny Bean
Greg Lindstrom
Bruce Shoemaker
Jack James
Phil Lamontagne
Ronald Bowers, Senior Civil Engineer


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was called to order at 5:35 by Chairman Olmsted.


The minutes of the March 19, 2003, minutes were approved with the following corrections:

  • Under APPROVAL OF MINUTES change March to February 19, 2003.
  • Member Olmsted's name was misspelled in several places within the Minutes.
  • Item 3 - OLD BUSINESS, paragraph 6, line 2 should read ". . .Boulevard is planned, and Mr. Buck. . ."
  • Line 1, Paragraph 2 - NON AGENDA ITEMS should read "Member Olmsted stated that CSUF has established. . ."



    During Ron Wallin's presentation last month it was discussed that the slope is extremely steep at the entrance. Staff advised that it couldn't be built as suggested. Staff has checked with Risk Management, which concurs, and recommends that the route is not buildable and should be removed from the Master Plan of Bikeways. Chairman Olmsted inquired who had been out to the proposed site and addressed questions to those who did visit the area. Based on a staff survey, the grade is measured to be approximately 17.7%. The standard for a project like this is recommended not to exceed 10%. Caltrans has standard guidelines for bike trails and liability becomes an issue when going beyond those guidelines. It was suggested that the length of the slope be increased using fill. It was noted that the area is owned by the City of Brea, City of Fullerton, with an easement to the County Flood Control Channel, allowing access to the channel. The County currently has no objections to the preliminary proposal. No approvals have been requested since there is no final design. It was commented that dirt is usually cheap, but Mr. Bowers stated that is true, but hauling, compaction, drainage, etc. would be costly. A bridge was also discussed.

    At this point, Chairman Olmsted asked if there is a consensus to keep this route on the plan, considering there are options to be able to put it on the plan. It was stated that eventually, this particular route would extend from Sunny Hills High School east to Rose Avenue in either a Class I or Class II route. Mr. Buck stated that the County has this route on its plan. After further discussion, including costs as related to the actual project budget, and the fact that there are some viable, though costly, solutions, Chairman Olmsted asked for a vote to reaffirm that the Puente Street Bike Route is to remain on the Bicycle Route Master Plan. The consensus was unanimous.

    The discussion continued regarding the fact that the $100,000 allocated will not cover the entire project cost. It was a unanimous consensus of the Subcommittee to hire a consultant to complete a feasibility study for the proposed bike route. The issue of sharing the project cost with the City of Brea was discussed. Staff advised that Brea's Assistant City Engineer has stated that Brea is unwilling to participate in the project unless Fullerton takes on the liability. The Subcommittee members concurred that if the feasibility study provides enough information for a safe and viable route to minimize liability, the County would strongly encourage that Brea participates in the project.


    The members discussed publicity for public hearings regarding the Master Plan revisions. Maps will be placed in the Library at CSUF, local bike shops, the Fullerton Library, and at the Engineering Department in City Hall.

    Further discussion was held regarding some routes, especially around the Fullerton College and the Transportation Center. Mr. Buck stated that there is no safe route to Dorothy Lane from Fullerton College. Chairman Olmsted explained that the only route to and from the College is from the northeast, nothing from the south, and nothing through the campus. Consequently, there is no viable route coming from the south, through the campus to Dorothy Lane, continuing east to CSUF and beyond. Other possible routes were discussed, but none viable, with the exceptions of Lemon Avenue, which is going to be reconsidered for the traffic flow pattern and beautification, and campus improvements at the high school. Chairman Olmsted inquired of Mr. Shoemaker, who is a member on the site council for the high school expansion project, if it would be appropriate to approach the oversight group regarding a bicycle route through the campus. Mr. Shoemaker assented.

    Chairman Olmsted stated that although there appears no feasible east/west route at this time, it should be noted on the Master Plan that there is not good bicycle access to the college and the high school; and as redevelopment in the area takes place, consideration should given to accommodate bicycles.

    Other routes from the Transportation Center were discussed; however, the consensus was to present the Master Plan at a public hearing for final consideration.

    Staff advised there would be no meeting held in May. Consequently, the public hearing will be held at the June 18, 2003, meeting. Concern was expressed regarding presentation of the plan to the public. It should be explained that the Bicycle Master Plan is under review at the request of the City Council; the object of the Subcommittee is to see that the Plan is put in place, and this hearing is to receive the public's input in that regard. Consensus was unanimous.

    Discussion continued regarding signing of routes and other recommendations for implementation.


  • Chairman Olmsted advised that the BUSC's recommendation for not putting stop signs at Lincoln and Wilshire failed to get conveyed by staff to the City Council. He subsequently had a conversation with Bob Hodson, Director of Engineering. Mr. Hodson apologized and further discussed how the BUSC should fit into the process for recommendations.

  • Staff advised that the 2003-04 City Budget and CIP is going to be presented to the T&CC on June 2, and BUSC members are invited to attend that meeting.

  • It was asked how bicycle information can be distributed to commuter bicyclists. Several options were discussed, including the City's Website, schools - through the PTA, a bike facility at the Transportation Center.

  • A presentation for the West Coyote Hills Specific Plan on April 22, 2003, 6:30 - 10:30 at the E V Free Church at the corner of Bastanchury and Brea.

The meeting was adjourned until June 18, 2003.