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Standard Drainage Drawings-300
The following plans are in PDF format:

300 Standard Catch Basin
301 Side Inlet Catch Basin
302 Standard Alley Catch Basin
303 Standard Grating Catch Basin
304 Standard Catch Basin Reinforcement
305 Frame and Grating for Catch Basins
306A Local Depressions
306B Local Depressions
308 Catch Basin Connection for Pipes 12" through 72"
309 Miscellaneous Curb Inlet Details and Notes
310 Miscellaneous Curb Inlet Details and Notes for Industrial Areas
312 Standard Pipe Trench Bedding and Backfill
313 Arterial Street Open-Cut Pipe Installation
314Trench Plating
321A Junction Structure - Type I
321B Junction Structure - Type I
322A Junction Structure - Type II
322B Junction Structure - Type II
323A Junction Structure - Type III
323B Junction Structure - Type III
324 Junction Structure - Type IV
325 Junction Structure - Type V
326 Standard Storm Drain Connections
330 36" and 48" Reinforced Concrete Storm Drain Manholes
331 Storm Drain Manhole Steps, Rings and Details
332A Reinforced Concrete Collar
332B Reinforced Concrete Collar
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