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Draft Program EIR for The Fullerton Plan


Documents for the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for The Fullerton Plan

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is intended to provide decision-makers and the public with information concerning the environmental effects of a proposed project, possible ways to reduce or avoid the possible environmental damage, and identify alternatives to the project. The purpose of the Program EIR for The Fullerton Plan is to review the existing conditions, analyze potential environmental impacts, identify General Plan policies and programs that serve as mitigation, and identify additional mitigation measures to reduce potentially significant effects of the proposed General Plan Update.

Table of Contents (including List of Tables and Exhibits)

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Executive Summary

Section 3 - Project Description

Section 4 - Basis of Cumulative Analysis

Section 5.0 - Approach to Environmental Analysis

Section 5.1 - Land Use and Planning

Section 5.2 - Population, Housing and Employment

Section 5.3 - Aesthetics and Light/Glare

Section 5.4 - Traffic and Circulation

Section 5.5 - Air Quality

Section 5.6 - Noise

Section 5.7 - Geology and Soils

Section 5.8 - Hydrology and Water Quality

Section 5.9 - Hazards and Hazardous Materials

Section 5.10 - Cultural Resources

Section 5.11 - Biological Resources

Section 5.12 - Fire Protection

Section 5.13 - Police Protection

Section 5.14 - School Facilities

Section 5.15 - Parks and Recreation

Section 5.16 - Water Supply

Section 5.17 - Wastewater

Section 5.18 - Solid Waste

Section 5.19 - Electricity

Section 5.20 - Natural Gas

Section 5.21 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Section 6.0 - Other CEQA Considerations

Section 7.0 - Significant Unavoidable Environmental Effects Which Cannot Be Avoided if the Proposed Action is Implemented

Section 8.0 - Alternatives to the Proposed Action

Section 9.0 - Effects Found Not to be Significant

Section 10.0 - Organization and Persons Consulted

Section 11.0 - Mitigation Monitoring Program

Section 12.0 - Comments and Responses (Part 1 of 2)

Section 12.0 - Comments and Responses (Part 2 of 2)

Draft Appendices to the Draft Program EIR for The Fullerton Plan

Appendix A: Notice of Preparation/Initial Study Checklist

Appendix B: Notice of Preparation Comments

Appendix C: Traffic Impact Analysis

Appendix D: Air Quality Data

Appendix E: Noise Data

Appendix F: Public Services/Utilities Correspondence

Appendix G: GeoTracker Database

Appendix H: Climate Action Plan

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