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Public Comments Regarding West Coyote Hills Specific Plan Amendment April 22, 2003
  • Concern & support for a public equestrian center
  • Concern with the project's impacts on schools
    • Schools are already overcrowded, project will exacerbate situation
    • New school construction is very costly
  • Habitat and wildlife concerns
    • Need to preserve wildlife diversity
    • Concern that the project open space does not provide adequate area for habitat
    • How will wildlife and habitat be protected during construction?
  • Open space
    • Intrinsic value of open space
    • Development will make open space, including the Nature Preserve, accessible to public
    • When discussing open space it is important to note what will be developed (for recreation purposes) vs. that which remains in a natural state
    • Define the term "natural area"
    • Clarify terms: "Habitat Restoration", "Active Management", "Vegetation Removal" & "Re-vegetation" with respect to the claim that much of the property will be kept in a natural condition
  • Project will have a negative fiscal impact on the City
  • "Legacy Value" vs. "Asset Value" - The City should consider the property in terms of its value to current and future generations of Fullerton residents as opposed to its value as a commodity to be sold by the developer
  • Concerns with EIR process:
    • Because Developer contracts directly with EIR consultant, EIR is biased in favor of development
    • City should Contract directly with the EIR consultant
    • City does not provide adequate review of EIR's
  • Concern with pollution generated by project (greenhouse effect)
  • Project will generate traffic that will impact the surrounding area
  • Water is a scarce resource; City must prove that there is an adequate water supply
  • Trails
    • Desire for natural trails rather than engineered trails
    • Trails should be located away from roadways
  • Will there be further opportunities for public participation in review and approval process?
  • Consider infrastructure deficiencies; water, drainage, etc.
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