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Staff Review Committee Minutes May 4, 2006

Staff Review Committee Minutes May 4, 2006


THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., MAY 4, 2006

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Rosen called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Fares Lopez, Rosen, St. Paul, Tabatabaee, Voronel and Thompson

COMMITTEE MEMBERS ABSENT: Eastman and Petropulous


OTHERS PRESENT: Tony Lenzini, Do Lim, Pete Shubin, Joe Thompson, and Ben Valentine


April 20, 2006 minutes APPROVED as submitted



Item No. 1

PRJ06-00121 – ZON06-00024. APPLICANT: SEQUOIA DEPLOYMENT SERVICES, INC. PROPERTY OWNER: CRV CLASSIC PROPERTIES L & P. A request to install a telecommunication antenna and associated equipment on property located at 2270 Rosecrans Avenue (southeast corner of Rosecrans Avenue and Gilbert Street) (O-P zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidelines) (Continued from April 20, 2006) (LLE).

Consultant Assistant Planner Levin presented a staff report on the project.The applicant has presented a design that is much more architecturally compatible.She stated the proposed equipment enclosure will cover a window on the existing building. The applicant indicated that this particular window is located in a storage room and access will be blocked.She stated that Acting Chief Planner Eastman had a concern with the false windows, and was concerned that they wouldn’t be maintained.Further there was concern regarding the installation of the windows and compatibility with the other windows.He recommended that the windows be deleted from plans.Acting Director Rosen stated that he understood Acting Chief Planner Eastman’s concerns, and did not see any reason to have the “faux” windows.

Committee Member Tabatabaee was concerned with the exterior air conditioning condenser units because of the code requiring a 3 ft. working space around the HVC units.He stated the wall needs to be removed or moved.Acting Director Rosen recommended that a condition to

create a 3-ft clearance from the wall or from the adequate landscaping.Consultant Assistant Planner Levin stated that staff is requiring a full landscape plan by a landscape architect.She stated that staff is requiring a landscaping bond be posted.

Consultant Assistant Planner Levin reviewed the conditions including the removal of the false window; and the proposed chimney design matching or being compatible with the one already existing chimney located there, to the greatest extent feasible.

Consultant Assistant Planner Levin stated that Code Enforcement did cite the property owner for the trash enclosure, which was an issue at the previous meeting.

Committee Member Thompson requested that the Fire Department notes addressing the Fire issues be placed on the new plans.

Acting Director Rosen explained the appeal process.

MOTION made by Committee Member Tabatabaee, SECONDED by Committee Member Thompson to APPROVE project with the conditions stated and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present.

Item No. 2

PRJ06-00161 – ZON06-00030. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER:BEN VALENTINE. A request to install security fencing along the rear parking area of an existing industrial property located at 2761 Moore Avenue (north side of Moore Avenue, between approximately 350 and 850 feet west of the northwest corner of Moore Avenue and Burning Tree Road) (M-G zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines) (LLE)

Consultant Assistant Planner Levin presented a staff report on the project.She explained that the applicant and was granted approval for security fencing and gates in October 2005.No permits were pulled and work has not been done.Consultant Assistant Planner Levin requested clarification from the applicant as to what their intent was regarding the current project proposal.The applicant said this application is a new submittal because of the increased trash dumping and fencing area.

Consultant Assistant Planner Levin reviewed the plans with the applicant and staff.

Committee Member Tabatabaee recommended that a larger-scale drawing be provided to show more detail.

Adjacent business owner Do Lim expressed his concerns as to the reasoning for the security fence gate was necessary.The applicant explained that trash is being dumped on site on a daily basis and presented photos.Lim stated that he could no longer access the property to walk his dog.

The applicant stated that he would submit a revised site plan as soon as possible.Acting Planner Rosen stated that a building permit would be needed for an 8 ft. fence.

The applicant reiterated staff’s request which included new elevations with dimensions of gate height, man door and Knox box placement.

MOTION made by Committee Member St. Paul, SECONDED by Committee Member Tabatabaee and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present to APPROVE project subject to submission of a revised site plan reflecting all of the conditions discussed and applicant obtaining a building permit for the 8 ft. fence.


Ruth Leopold, Clerical Support