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Staff Site Plan Review Committee Minutes March 16, 2006

Staff Site Plan Review Committee Minutes March 16, 2006


THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., MARCH 16, 2006

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Rosen called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Eastman, Rosen, Tabatabaee, Petropulous, Lopez, Voronel and Thompson


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Kusch, Pasillas and Leopold

OTHERS PRESENT: Cathy Bardenstein, Barbara Schaefer and Marilyn Smith


March 2, 2006 minutes APPROVED as submitted.



Item No. 1

PRJ05-00779 – ZON05-00112.APPLICANTS:BECHTEL COMMUNICATIONS AND CINGULAR WIRELESS; PROPERTY OWNER:GING L. GINA request for minor site plan approval of a wireless communications facility tower and related equipment on property located at 3121 Yorba Linda Boulevard (north side of Yorba Linda Boulevard, at the intersection of Sapphire Road) (C-2 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines (AKU) (Continued from January 19, 2006).

Assistant Planner Kusch provided a report on the project.He stated the applicant revised her plans from the last meeting moving the cell tower away from the property’s rear parking area.The plans reflected two options in terms of design including a pine tree and a slim-line design. In addition, they reflected a sliding gate securing the rear parking area.

Assistant Planner Kusch stated if the project is approved by the Committee, he would recommend the slim-line design.The plans should also reflect:

  • Elimination of the gate to the rear parking area
  • Trash enclosure door repair

Assistant Planner Kusch reviewed the Municipal Code requirements pertaining to setbacks of monopole antennas to residential properties and arterial streets.He indicated that the revised antenna location meets the required setback from the adjacent residential properties.The proposed location does not meet the suggested setback from Yorba Linda Boulevard.

Cathy Bardenstein, Bechtel and Cingular Wireless representative, indicated that the proposal was designed so they could meet the arterial street setback if an adjustment would be granted pursuant to the code.She stated that all of the equipment is located within the shelter.The only equipment projected outside of the shelter is an air conditioning unit.

Ms. Bardenstein commented that a meeting has occurred with an acoustic engineer to make sure that they are in accordance with the City’s noise ordinance. Some of the issues raised by residents involved aesthetics, and environmental and sound impacts.She told the residents present that this tower would not have a sound impact and meets the guidelines. Ms. Bardenstein stated the applicant did attempt to find another location and although there is a neighboring cell tower, the landlord is not willing to enter into any negotiation with the applicant because of a violation of the existing lease; therefore, making this site the only commercial property the applicant is able to use while meeting the City requirements and guidelines.

Ms. Bardenstein said the applicant will probably bring in an emergency power generator on a temporary basis, in the event of a blackout or power outage.The applicant will not block any access to water, emergency, gas or electric facilities or easements.

Ms. Bardenstein explained to the residents that radio signals would cause no harm to the neighboring residents of the cell tower.

Public hearing opened.

Resident Marilyn Smith expressed her concerns about the shrub removal and noise caused from the cell tower.

Ms. Bardenstein told Ms. Smith that a 10 ft. wall will replace the shrubs and the applicant will also have the equipment shelter insulated.

Resident Barbara Schaefer asked staff why another cell tower is needed if there is currently one located near the proposed site.Chief Planner Rosen explained the City’s regulations and recommendations regarding cell towers.

Chief Planner Rosen requested that the applicant:

  • Add vine pockets to the wall
  • Tie the pocket planters into the irrigation system

Ms. Smith complained about the neighboring Mickey’s Bar to the Committee explaining that there is a problem with loitering near the shrubs.Committee Member Petropulous said he wasn’t aware of the problem in that area, but would notify the corresponding police officers about patrolling it on a daily basis.

Residents and staff questioned the noise level of the cell tower.Ms. Bardenstein explained that the only noise emanated outside is from the air conditioning unit and not the cell tower.She stated that an enclosure will be built around the unit with insulation.Committee Member Tabatabaee recommended that the block wall be solid grouted.

Assistant Planner Kusch stated that he received three letter emailed from residents concerned with the project.The residents include Cheryl Eggers, Chairman GreenTree Fullerton Homeowners Association, Jacqueline Coley, resident at 3120 Palm Drive, and Erin and Christian Ter-Nedden, residents at 3154 Palm Drive.

Assistant Planner Kusch explained the standard County Emergency Frequency Interference conditions.

Staff stated the following conditions for this project:

  • Plans should reflect or be modified to eliminate the sliding gate to the rear parking area.

  • It was previously requested that the trash enclosure should be repaired, which has been done.

  • The slim line version should be the proposed design.

  • A recommendation to add vine pockets with a preference to have landscape around the enclosure, if possible, to be approved by the Director of Development Services.

  • Irrigation systems and location will be changed.

  • Block wall must be solid-grouted.

  • Compliance with Municipal Code regarding noise

  • A field test must be conducted once equipment is installed.

MOTION made by Committee Member Tabatabaee, SECONDED by Committee Member Thompson and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present to APPROVE project with CONDITIONS as stated.

Chief Planner Rosen explained the appeal process to the residents and applicant.


Ruth Leopold, Clerical Support