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Staff Review Committee Minutes

Staff Review Committee Minutes


THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., APRIL 20, 2006

CALL TO ORDER:Chairman Rosen called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Eastman, Rosen, Tabatabaee, Voronel and Thompson


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Kusch, Levin and Leopold

OTHERS PRESENT: John Austin, John Bingham and Pete Shubin


April 6, 2006 minutes APPROVED as submitted



Item No. 1


A request for approval of a minor site plan to install a telecommunications antenna within an existing church steeple, and install associated equipment within a cabinet on the exterior of an existing church building, on property located at 838 North Euclid Street (southeast corner of Euclid Street and Fern Drive) (R-2 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines) (AKU) (Continued from April 6, 2006).

Assistant Planner Kusch provided a report on the project.He reviewed the standard conditions of the project.

Assistant Planner Kusch requested clarification from the applicant regarding keeping landscaping near the enclosures.Additional landscaping will not be required, since the enclosure will not be visible from the street.John Austin, Trillium, representative of T-Mobile was present.He said the landscaping will remain.

Senior Planner Eastman asked Mr. Austin if the antennas are placed within the existing steeple. He answered yes and T-Mobile is not raising the height and will go below the speakers and tower.

Senior Planner Eastman asked Mr. Austin if the RF screening is new and will the applicant remove the existing portion of the steeple and install a screen?Mr. Austin said yes it will be for the outside texture material and will match texture and color.

Chief Planner Rosen explained the 10-day appeal period.

MOTION made by Senior Planner Eastman, SECONDED by Committee Member Tabatabaee and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present to APPROVE project.

Item No. 2


A request to install a telecommunication antenna and associated equipment on property located at 2270 Rosecrans Avenue (southeast corner of Rosecrans Avenue and Gilbert Street) (O-P zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidelines) (LLE).

Assistant Planner Levin provided a report on the project.The applicant has proposed a 5’ x 17’ enclosure, which matches nicely with the existing enclosure, but has an awkward long, narrow design.There are also two ac condenser units that are proposed.Both the enclosure and A/C condenser units are visually prominent along Rosecrans Avenue.

Assistant Planner Levin said a walk through was previously done and staff recommends a redesign of the long narrow equipment enclosure be made to closely match the equipment enclosure on the other building.Relocation of the ac condenser units for better screening is also recommended.Assistant Planner Levin would like the applicant to provide details of the material to ensure there will be an exact match for equipment enclosure and chimney.

Assistant Planner Levin stated she would like to see the height of the proposed chimney be of equal height as the existing one at 5 ½ ft.She discussed several issues that were discussed at a previous meeting, in 2003, and were never corrected by the applicant including landscaping and a slope issue.

Assistant Planner Levin reiterated the slope issue stating that residents who live behind the property had a problem with drainage runoff from the slope, which wasn’t being properly irrigated or landscaped.The applicant was to have addressed this problem by ensuring that it was properly irrigated and replanted.

Another issue addressed at the previous meeting included the trash enclosure, which the owner was made responsible for to contact the trash collectors and make sure the trash bin be placed in the trash enclosure each time.A site visit made a few days before the recent meeting indicated that this is not occurring.The trash bin is sitting in a parking space and the trash enclosure is not being maintained.Senior Planner Eastman stated that the trash enclosure was poorly designed.

Assistant Planner Levin noted that the site plan does not reflect the complete footprint of the other building.

Assistant Planner Levin made the following recommendations:

  • Redesign of the long, narrow structure into something more squared off that would look more like a natural extension of the building.

  • Relocation of the AC units either behind the proposed structure on the parking lot or side by side with proper low wall or landscaped screen, with a detailed plan as to how it will be screened

  • Full-scale landscape and irrigation plans

The applicant Pete Shubin, representative for T-Mobile, said they were able to get the property owner and discuss the removal of the window.The space behind that window is all open space and the owner does not think it would be a problem to remove the window.

Public hearing opened.

John Bingham, resident who lives south below the slope of the property, had issues with the previous conditions that have not been met and would like staff to revisit the site.He stated there has been no irrigation or landscaping done to the slope.The air conditioning units had a screen that was torn down and not replaced.He showed staff a photo of a pine tree that is sloping toward his house and although he’s talked to the owner about getting it cut down or removed, he has not responded.

Mr. Bingham also stated there is an electrical power box that is sometimes left open for children in the neighborhood or children attending the tutoring center who will sometimes sit on and play around.Chief Planner Rosen recommended that staff take the Code Enforcement issues and refer them to the attention of the City’s Code Enforcement division for inspection and resolution.

Staff discussed the previous conditions that have not been addressed by the owner.The Committee agreed that the issues must be addressed prior to issuing a building permit.Senior Planner Eastman stated he was concerned that the trash enclosure needs to be addressed as part of the entitlement because of the trash that may be floating to the resident’s backyard going downhill.

Chief Planner Rosen requested that staff prepare a proposed draft list of conditions for the applicant to review before the next meeting.

Staff recommended that the item be continued in order to have revised site plan and elevations brought back to the Committee.

MOTION made by Committee Member Thompson, SECONDED by Committee Member Tabatabaee and CARRIED unanimously by all voting members present to CONTINUE project to May 4, 2006 meeting.


Ruth Leopold, Clerical Support