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Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes JUNE 2, 2005

Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes JUNE 2, 2005

THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., JUNE 2, 2005

CALL TO ORDER:Vice Chair Mullis called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:Mullis, Tabatabaee, and Castaneda (for Voronel)
COMMITTEE MEMBERS ABSENT: Becerra, Rosen, Thompson, Voronel
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:Kusch, Sowers, and Norton


April 21, 2005 approved as written.




A request for a Minor Site Plan for a remodel to a building exterior and replacement of a pump island canopy fascia located at 2840 Imperial Highway (southwest corner of Imperial Highway and Associated Road) (C-H Zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines) (HS)

Craig Yamasaki, Zoning and Development Manager and David Jones, Project Manager -Construction for British Petroleum were present to discuss the project.

Assistant Planner Heather Sowers explained the request. The plans have been through Plan Check and comments from Fire, Engineering and Water Engineering have been incorporated in that process. Planning recommends approval with the condition that the landscape plan be provided and that the landscaping meets the landscape and irrigation standards. Ideally staff would like the landscaping to be 10 feet in width. However, after looking at the site, it appears that only the landscape area on Associated Road and possibly another area can be expanded depending on the length needed for the stalls.

Committee Member Mullis stated that on prior gas station remodels, the canopy was actually taken down and replaced with new. This request is described as a fascia change and asked the applicant if that description is accurate. Mr. Yamasaki said that the wording mischaracterizes the request as a remodel when in fact it is only an image upgrade. The intend is to take some of the more tired units and upgrade them to the new British Petroleum standards. He explained the upgrade process and a slide presentation was shown of the proposed changes. There would be no structural changes but the project would include new signage.

Committee Member Castaneda mentioned that the handicapped access ramps and driveways may need to be upgraded. The amount of public improvements is based on the total valuation of project; the cost cannot exceed 10 percent of that amount. If there are no structural changes, Engineering may not require upgrades at this time. Mr. Yamasaki said he would be willing to work with Engineering to resolve any issues with the ADA requirement, but does not have the budget to upgrade the landscaping. Assistant Planner Sowers said that unless there are physical constraints the Committee cannot make concessions with regard to the landscaping.

  1. That the applicant would increase the size of the landscaping planter to 10 feet on Associated Road and upgrade the existing landscaping materials and irrigation systems in accordance with FMC 15.56.140.

  2. Applicant must provide detailed plans showing proposed landscaping prepared by a licensed landscape architect. Such plans will be designed in accordance with the Landscape and Irrigation Design Requirements of the City and will be submitted for approval by the Director of Development Services prior to the issuance of building permits, with implementation thereof prior to occupancy of the project. A one-year maintenance bond in an amount equal to 50% of the combined cost of the landscaping materials and irrigation system, but not less than $500, will be posted as a prerequisite to the final approval of the development and/or occupancy of the use.

  3. Final building plans shall note that the scope of the work and nature of any structural improvements or alterations to the building or canopy. If none, the scope of work shall be noted accordingly.

  4. Signage shall require separate permits and be in compliance with FMC 15.49.

  5. That all corrections generated through the plan check and inspection processes are incorporated by reference as conditions of approval and would include any requirements generated by the Engineering, Building and Fire Departments.

  6. The applicant will satisfy the standard Engineering requirement to provide off-site public improvements based on the valuation of the project as deemed necessary by the Director of Engineering.

MOTION made, SECONDED, and CARRIED unanimously to APPROVE PRJ05-00366 ZON05-00037 as conditioned. (Resolution No. 416)

There is a 10-day appeal period where any action by this Committee can be appealed to the Planning Commission and ultimately to the City Council. The request may be approved subject to conditions. Minutes of the hearing and a Resolution will be prepared.