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Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes August 21, 2003

Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes August 21, 2003

THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., AUGUST 21, 2003

CALL TO ORDER:Chairman Rosen called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:Maynard, Mullis, Rosen, Thompson, and Wallin
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:Eastman, Kusch, McDaniel, Mizokami, Sowers, Yang and Baker
PUBLIC PRESENT:Doug Kearney, SBA Network Services
Tim Mustard, Architect for SBA Network Services


The minutes of July 17, 2003 and August 7, 2003 were approved, with no corrections.



  1. PRJ03-00456 - ZON03-0039. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: JENNIFER CARRANZA. A request for a 20% reduction in the required rear yard setback, from 15 feet to 12 feet, on property located at 1630 West Roberta Avenue (approximately 182 feet east of Pacific Drive) (R-1 7,200 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines).

    Planning Intern Steve Mizokami passed out aerial photos and presented the request. He explained that the property is a single story residential currently zoned R-1-6 and the applicant is proposing a single story addition and reducing the setback from 15 to 12 feet. They will be adding two new bedrooms. There are currently three bedrooms and one existing bedroom will be converted to a hallway to provide access to the two new bedrooms. There will be a total of four bedrooms upon completion. There is no alley access to the rear and it is surrounded by adjacent residential properties. He said that he has received no complaint calls, only inquiries. Senior Civil Engineer Ron Wallin asked if all the surrounding houses have a setback of 15 feet. Chief Planner Joel Rosen stated that they all do.

    Intern Mizokami showed on the plans where the encroachment was. He stated that there is a window planned for each bedroom. Mr. Carranza stated that he can't build to the front because of the shape of his floor plan and the resulted loss in front yard space. Melanie inquired about the entry to the laundry room and garage. Mr. Carranza noted that the doors were left out of the plans, and Planner Rosen stated that the plans would have to be corrected to show the doors.

    Staff recommended approval.

    Planner Rosen informed Mr. Carranza that there is a 10 day appeal period.

  2. PRJ03-0463 - ZON03-00044. APPLICANTS: CINGULAR WIRELESS AND DOUGH KEARNEY; PROPERTY OWNER: CITY OF FULLERTON. A request to construct a new wireless telecommunications facility within Woodcrest Park in the form of a 65-foot stadium light with wireless fixtures attached, and to construct a new equipment enclosure for the ground-mounted portion in the form of new concrete bleachers, on property located at 450 West Orangethorpe Avenue (south side of Orangethorpe Avenue, approximately 630 feet east of the intersection of Richman Avenue and Orangethorpe Avenue.) (P-L zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 16332 of CEQA Guidelines)

    Parks Project Manager Randy McDaniel told the committee that the applicant, Cingular Wireless, approached the Community Services Department to request installing a telecommunications antenna and equipment in Woodcrest Park. The applicant will be replacing an existing light standard on the north side of the existing ball field. The new antenna would be incorporated onto the new light standard as part of a "slim line" design, with no antenna support arms extending from the pole. The antenna would not require paint, as it would be the same color as the anodized metal of the new light standard. The applicant is proposing to replace the park's existing bleacher with a new cement bleacher. The applicant will incorporate an antenna equipment storage area under the bleacher. Chief Planner Rosen asked if the existing bleachers would be demolished and new bleachers constructed. Parks Project Manager McDaniel answered affirmatively. Chief Planner Rosen asked about accessing the equipment, Parks Project Manager McDaniel stated that there is a man door.

    Parks Project Manager McDaniel is working with the applicant to find a bleacher system that will deter graffiti and be aesthetically pleasing. Assistant Plannner Kusch reminded the applicant that the antenna would need to be engineered to not interfere with the County of Orange's emergency 800 Mhz systems. The submitted plans would need to include standard conditions of approval to ensure the antenna's compliance with the interference requirements. The consultant stated that the lowest they operate at is 1,850 Mhz.

    Staff discussed the current height of the pole, and the possibility of collocating additional antenna. Doug Kearney of SBA Network Services stated that he was not sure that Cingular Wireless would be willing to limit the possibility to expand necessary or additional equipment into the bleacher storage area. Staff discussed the size of the proposed storage area. The temperature and noise level of the equipment was also discussed.

    Senior Civil Engineer Ron Wallin stated that he is basically in favor of the project. He would encourage the applicant to find a way of making the antenna expandable or usable by another provider. He suggested having an equipment access panel from the outside to reduce the interior access area. He also proposed having a second building constructed.

    Associate Planner Eastman asked about the separation between the bleachers, duct work, and a physical barrier to prevent noise.

    Doug Kearney told staff that when standing next to the condensers, they run more quietly than residential air conditioners. He said that there are two 2.5 ton units. One is for redundancy. The condenser would only run during the heat of the day.

    Senior Planner Mullis informed the consultant that they would have to comply with the City's noise ordinance, but did not think the equipment would present a problem.

    Chief Planner Rosen asked when the public will be noticed on this item. Parks Project Manager McDaniel said that he will send notices when it is reviewed by the Community Services Commission.

    Staff discussed whether additional emergency backup batteries would be provided, based on this recent power outage. The applicant stated they would not increase above the quantities typically required, because it may involve the storage requirements for hazardous materials. Fire Prevention Specialist Thompson stated that, at the time of plan check, he will be inquiring about the amount of batteries and the amount of liquid in the batteries.

    Staff recommended approval of the item to the Community Services Commission, subject to the conditions of the lease agreement and corrections generated from the plan check process. Staff discussed exploring the opportunity of providing additional space for a second carrier.

    Parks Project Manager McDaniel told staff that this item would be reviewed by the Community Services Commission in October.

  2. There were none.


ADJOURNED as Staff Site Plan Review Committee at 9:25 a.m.

By: __________________________________
Deborah Baker, Clerical Support


Staff committee reconvened at 9:25 for the Staff Meeting.

Meeting Notes:

  1. PRJ03-00432 - PM2003-193. APPLICANT: AND PROPERTY OWNER: ALI RAMEZANI. A request to subdivide and rough grade an existing lot into four parcels, each ranging in gross area from 11,063 square feet to 26,624 square feet, on property located at 2200 North Moody Avenue (east side of Moody Avenue approximately between 423 and 552 feet north of Almira Ave) (R-1-10,000 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15315 of CEQA Guidelines).

    Assistant Planner Kusch told staff that he had a meeting with the applicant and the application is not complete and ready to proceed to the required Planning Commission meeting. He displayed a recently revised parcel map and indicated the applicant could not get an agreement with the neighboring property owner to the east to allow for a sewer or drainage easement. The applicant said he is going to pursue the agreement. The revised map indicates a sewage pump toward the bottom of the property that would be directed back up toward Moody Avenue. The applicant is minimizing the use of retaining walls by working with the natural slope of the property. The residences are proposed on tiered building pads. Assistant Planner Kusch stated that the proposal includes a shared driveway. The applicant has included the proposed driveway area toward required lot areas. Assistant Planner Kusch asked for clarification to an interpretation of the Municipal Code pertaining to the definition of net lot area. The Code states that the definition of net lot area excludes public streets and alleys. As a result, the definition would not exclude the proposed driveway from counting toward required lot area. Chief Planner Rosen said that the City has never counted streets toward lot area, regardless if it is publicly owned or a privately owned road. All private roads have a cul de sac turnaround or hammerhead. This driveway does not propose a turnaround area. Senior Civil Engineer Wallin asked why it was called a road. If it's labeled a driveway, it should be called a driveway.

    Senior Planner Mullis asked about the inability of the Fire Department or City trash hauler to drive to the back of the property. Staff suggested they build a trash enclosure near the intersection of the proposed driveway and Moody Avenue. The trash enclosure would not be allowed to encroach into the required street setback from Moody Avenue and, considering Moody Avenue's rural street designation, be designed to adhere to the City's rural street design standards. Staff suggested that the applicant incorporate the trash enclosure with mailboxes, street addresses, and a proposed decorative entry wall.

    Assistant Planner Kusch stated that the applicant is proposing to gate the driveway. He informed the applicant that the security gate would need to set back from Moody Avenue to accommodate a vehicle back up area and not be located in front of any trash enclosure to block access to the trash enclosure. In addition, the proposed security gate would no be able to block access to the proposed trash enclosure. Any security gate would have to include a Knox box for emergency access. Senior Civil Engineer Wallin said that there would be difficulty with the driveway's proposed 12% grade, waiting for a gate to open. Staff discussed other gated residential developments.

    Fire Prevention Specialist Thompson stated that the applicant will have to submit a fire flow test and possibly add a sufficient number of water hydrants on the site to meet the maximum 150-foot distance requirement as measured from the most remote portion of a structure to a city fire hydrant. He indicated that the proposal might need two on-site fire hydrants. The proposed residences may need to be installed with fire sprinklers. Fire Prevention Specialist Thompson was concerned that Fire Department apparatus would not have access, only an ambulance. Paramedics would have to walk from the Moody Avenue driveway entrance.

    Chief Planner Rosen discussed the property line and improvements on the southern edge of the property. He mentioned that the plan shows the property line intersecting a neighboring property's building. Assistant Planner Kusch indicated that the applicant is resolving the accuracy or inaccuracy of the property line, as depicted on the submitted parcel map.

    Senior Civil Engineer Wallin asked if there was adequate water pressure. Fire Prevention Specialist Thompson stated that the water system would need to be pressure tested before the application proceeds to the Planning Commission.

    Assistant Planner Kusch stated that the applicant is consulting with a biologist and arborist at California State University Fullerton for any significant flora or fauna on the subject property.

    The applicant is proposing to tear down the existing home on the property. Assistant Planner Kusch asked if the residence on Parcel No. 1 would be conditioned to orient toward Moody Avenue. Chief Planner Rosen answered affirmatively due to Moody Avenue's rural street designation and the desire to maintain the existing rural streetscape.

    Chief Planner Rosen indicated that the proposed driveway would count toward lot coverage. He asked to look at how close the proposal is to the lot coverage limitations by counting or not counting the proposed driveway. Staff may require the proposed driveway measure a minimum of 20 feet paved with parking located on the same side of the houses. Chief Planner Rosen also mentioned that the driveway should have decorative pavement or other elements. Staff also suggested increasing the depth of the landscape planter to a minimum of five feet on the north side of the proposed driveway.

    Chief Planner Rosen indicated that the Engineering Department would plan check the proposed sewer pump. Staff mentioned that the map needs to record that the property is not on gravity sewer. Chief Planner Rosen suggested that the applicant get more creative with the contour grading and include some collection channels.

    Assistant Planner Kusch inquired about the long-term maintenance of the proposed pump facility. Chief Planner Rosen indicated that the new homeowners association would maintain the pump through the establishment of covenants, conditions and restrictions.

  2. BOARD OF APPEALS. An appeal of a Notice and Order regarding unpermitted additions to a non-conforming residential property located at 1112 West Commonwealth Avenue.

  3. Senior Planner Melanie Mullis stated that the property owner has withdrawn their request.

  4. PRJ03-00461 - LRP03-00015. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: KUNWOO WOO. A request to demolish existing dwellings and an existing historically significant market, consolidate three parcels into one, change the zoning designation from C-2 to C-3, and construct a new mixed-use building consisting of a 7,000-square-foot multi-tenant retail building and eight dwelling units, on property located at 343 East Commonwealth Avenue (northwest corner of Lawrence and Commonwealth Avenues) (C-2 zone) (Negative Declaration).

    Fire Prevention Specialist Tom Thompson commented on the fire hydrant on Lawrence and Commomwealth. A hydrant may be needed on Lawrence and Commonwealth, or one or another depending on a 150 ft. hose pull.

    Tom stated that they don't have hydrants on Commonwealth Avenue. He said that previously a hydrant across the street would be counted, but because of the large diameter hoses, the hydrant has to be on the same side of the street so that the hoses don't block traffic.

    Associate Planner Jay Eastman said the applicant would like to have a restaurant in the middle of the center, but that would depend on the parking situation. He spoke about potential venting problems through the residential area, creating an easement for the upper area to maintain the equipment for the restaurant.

    Tom warned that staff be cautious because there is a high rise on Nutwood that has internal venting, which sounds like a wind tunnel.

    Jay explained that the applicant will have garages in the back off of the alley for guest and commercial parking (in front law) Proposing the demolition of the historic building and the existing dwelling.

    Ron asked how residents would access the upper units. Jay explained that the deck in back would be accessed by stairs at the ends, the pedestrian area face north. He also explained that the units open to the alley, not Commonwealth, due to the noise. A six foot wall is being proposed at the deck. Staff discussed the problem of not being able to get the noise levels low enough to have the units front Commonwealth. They also felt that the City Council would be more supportive of the project if there was more parking. Each unit will have a two car garage. Joel suggested shared parking and not to count visitor and commercial demand. He also stated that he had ADA concerns.

    PRJ03-00368 - PM2003-167. APPLICANT: GILBERTO MILLOT; PROPERTY OWNERS: MITCHELL D. HANLON AND FU-MEI TAI. A request to subdivide a lot, measuring approximately 24,600 square feet, into three parcels on property located at 179 Hillcrest Lane (northwest corner of Hillcrest Lane and Hillcrest Drive) (R-1-7,200 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15315 of CEQA guidelines).

    Assistant Planner Kusch described the request and displayed the proposed parcel map. The map indicates minimum lot sizes of 7,200 square feet. The building pads and proposed architecture are identical for all parcels. Assistant Planner Kusch indicated that the applicant has not been told that the application is complete and any comments, conditions or concerns from the other departments would be forwarded to the applicant to address in a revised submittal.

    The proposed parcel map indicates a pump system and common easement along the rear of the parcels. A proposed retaining wall along the west and south property lines measures approximately 14 feet tall, which exceeds code allowances.

    Senior Civil Engineer Wallin indicated that the natural drainage pattern flows southwest of the property toward the adjacent property currently occupied by Florence Critton Services.

    A discussion ensued concerning the status and accessibility of Hillcrest Lane. Comments were raised concerning the lack of a turnaround area at the terminus of Hillcrest Lane. The applicant will need to provide a turnaround that would accommodate emergency vehicles or fire apparatus.

    Senior Civil Engineer Wallin indicated that Hillcrest Lane is not wide enough to be considered a street. He mentioned that the "throat" of the street connecting Hillcrest Lane to Hillcrest Drive was partially abandoned resulting in a narrow access point to Hillcrest Lane. The narrow access is not wide enough to accommodate a trash truck or possibly, emergency vehicles and equipment. As a result, a common trash enclosure would need to be located at the "throat" intersection or entry to Hillcrest Lane and an adequately-sized turnaround at Hillcrest Lane's terminus will be necessary. Fire Prevention Specialist Thompson indicated that there is a need to examine the distance from the most remote structure to any existing city fire hydrants. If the distance exceeds 150 feet, additional hydrants will be necessary.

    Chief Planner Rosen examined the conceptual architectural plans and indicated that the scale and mass of the residences are not compatible with the character and scale of the surrounding neighborhood. There has been no attempt by the applicant to design the homes with the character of the neighborhood.

    Senior Civil Engineer Wallin mentioned that the subject property has never had utilities.

    Chief Planner Rosen discussed the improvements required for Hillcrest Lane. He indicated that the plan showed the alley improved to 26 feet wide. He asked Senior Civil Engineer Wallin about the need for sidewalks and was told that the Engineering Department has never placed sidewalks in an alley.

    Staff felt the application was incomplete and not supportable. There was a consensus that there needs to be more information provided. The retaining walls would have to be eliminated and the proposed grading needs to be designed to work with the existing natural grade. Some of the proposed housing designs may need to be tiered down the natural slope of the parcels. Two parcels may be more appropriate given the constraints of the property.

    Chief Planner Rosen said that he needed more information. Senior Planner Mullis stated that application is not meeting code regarding the retaining walls. Senior Civil Engineer Wallin said they he has concerns with the drainage and access turnaround and he is not sure about the proposed design of the pump system.

    CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT CUP-1001A. APPLICANT: GEORGE BUSHALA. A request to modify an existing Conditional Use Permit to allow for off-site parking for Calvary Chapel on property located at 112 East Walnut Avenue (south side of Walnut Avenue, between 1-7 and 357 feet east of the southeast corner of Harbor Boulevard and Walnut Avenue) (M-G zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidelines).

    Assistant Planner Heather Sowers stated that in 1998 CUP 1001 approved the former Ice House to be used as a church by Calvary Chapel. As approved, the assembly use requires 72 parking spaces. The parking plan approved with the CUP provided for a combination of 73 on-site and off-site spaces.

    The property owner, Mr. Bushala, has requested modification to the CUP to effectively eliminate all on-site and off-site parking. The request would eliminate certain conditions of approval and modify the existing joint use parking and access agreement.

    Senior Planner Melanie Mullis asked if the property owner can amend the CUP.

    Assistant Planner Sowers will review available off-site parking facilities in conjunction with the church use.

    The provided parking will need to meet ADA requirements and provide a path of travel from the parking area to the church.

  1. PRJ03-00484 - ZON03-00046. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: EDDIE FISCHER. A request to exceed the maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of the M-P zone from .40 to .45, for an industrial warehouse addition measuring approximately 117,303 square feet, on property located at 1900 East Orangethorpe Avenue (south side of Orangethorpe Avenue between approximately 200 feet and 624 feet east of the southeast intersection of Orangethorpe Avenue and Acacia Street) (M-P zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidelines).

    A CUP is required because the applicant is proposing to exceed the FAR of the M-P zone. The addition to accommodate the current user brings the FAR to .45, .05 over the maximum of .40.

    Ron Wallin asked if the flood control channel is behind the property and wanted to ensure compliance with NPDES requirements. Additionally, engineering will require sidewalks on the street frontage.

    Tom Thompson was concerned that they could use the new warehouse for paint storage. Conditions for the provision and location of fire hydrants have been provided to Planner Sowers.

    Planner Sowers questioned the acceptability of the use of razor wire. Joel Rosen said it was acceptable in not in view from the street.