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RDRC Minutes July 28, 2005

RDRC Minutes July 28, 2005


Thursday July 28, 2005 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM by Chairman Daybell


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Daybell; Committee Members Coffman, Duncan and Hoban
PUBLIC PRESENT: Homeowners Melissa Britt and Kathleen Cunningham
STAFF PRESENT: Assistant Planner Sowers, Leopold


Chairman Daybell requested a motion to review the June 23 minutes. Member Duncan pointed out a correction to be made on page 7 paragraph for Member Duncan should read Member Hoban. .A MOTION was requested by Chairman Daybell, SECONDED by Member Duncan to APPROVE the minutes of June 23, 2005, as modified. The minutes for July 14 were APPROVED as written.




APPLICATION NO. PRJ05-00465 - ZON05-00056A. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: MELISSA B. BRITT. Miscellaneous development project to consider demolition of 268 sq. ft. detached structure. Located at 426 Jacaranda Place. (R-1P Zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of the CEQA Guidelines). (HS)

Chairman Daybell stated that since item no.1 modifications were discussed at the last meeting instead of going through the normal process. He was prepared to approve the project subject to it being positioned properly, in accordance with the FMC, on the lot and meeting staff conditions.

Member Hoban had questions regarding the setback requirements being up to the property line. Assistant Planner Sowers explained the setback requirements would be minimum 3 ft as long as it would be kept under 600 square feet; the structure will likely be less than 600 sq. ft. for a two-car garage or for one garage with carport next to it.

Member Duncan asked if there was a recommendation to match the pitch of the roof of the proposed garage to that of the existing dwelling. Assistant Planner Sowers stated that the RDRC could condition the project that way.

Assistant Planner Sowers stated since the garage was built subsequent to the house there wasn't a strong tie to keep it. Member Duncan recommended to add a condition regarding matching roof pitches since the new garage materials will match those of the existing dwelling. Chairman Daybell was concerned that there would be something compatible with existing architecture of the house.

Chairman Daybell asked the homeowner if she had any questions.

Homeowner of 426 Jacaranda Place, Melissa Britt, asked if she decided not to tear it down would it be possible for them to demolish the rear of the garage structure (garage with a small room behind it) and cut off front part and move it back on the lot to accommodate an additional space, so they wouldn't have to demolish it.

Chairman Daybell answered that as long as it ends up so that the architecture's exterior appearance is consistent with the requirements, since it is a preservation zone. He made comments regarding roll-up doors in the neighborhood stating that they are not consistent with the architecture.

Member Hoban asked if he was voting on this project. Chairman Daybell and Assistant Planner Sowers agreed since it is a separate project he could vote. A MOTION was requested by Chairman Daybell to approve the project with staff recommendations and additional condition to match the roof pitch of the new structure to the roof pitch of the existing house. The Motion was SECONDED by Member Hoban and passed unanimously.

Member Coffman arrived at 4:11 p.m. and requested to be excused from the meeting because of an emergency. Chairman Daybell requested that he remain to approve the June 23 minutes. Member Duncan Motioned to approve and Member Coffman SECONDED. He excused himself from the meeting at 4:12 p.m.


APPLICATION NO. PRJ05-00478 - ZON05-00061. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: MAURICE A. CUNNINGHAM. Site and architecture review of a minor development project for (1) the construction of a two-story 1,021 sq ft addition and (2) a reduction (1st floor only) to 4-feet of the required 5-feet west side yard setback on lot currently developed with a one-story single-family residence and detached garage to remain. Located at 433 Malvern Avenue. (R-1P Zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of the CEQA Guidelines). (HS)

Chairman Daybell explained the RDRC meeting process to homeowner Kathleen Cunningham of 433 W. Malvern.

Assistant Planner Sowers discussed the proposed two story addition. Staff stated that the project is generally consistent with the Guidelines, but had some general conditions regarding materials and details. Staff was recommending the additional windows in the west elevation, since the wall was slightly blank.

Chairman Daybell pointed out that the addition is proposed to allow the 4 ft. setback of the existing property line. Assistant Planner Sowers stated that in conjunction with the request the addition the applicant is requesting to follow the existing setback. In considering the addition the committee should also consider making a motion to recommend or deny to the modification to the setback. They are proposing a 4-ft setback and they are maintaining the setback just from the first story. The second story would be at 5 1/2 feet, which exceeds the minimum requirement.

Member Duncan asked if the applicant had been made aware of the condition on the second story windows. Cunningham answered yes.

Member Hoban inquired if the applicant was going to eliminate windows on the front (clarifying an omission on the elevation as compared to the site photos). Cunningham answered that they would not be eliminating the windows.

Chairman Daybell questioned if the neighbor to the west had been advised about the addition and the 4-ft setback, and if there was any difficulty with the neighbor on that issue. Assistant Planner Sowers stated that she had not heard from him, but the only inquiry she had was from the neighbor that lived above and looking down. His concern was that the addition would be higher than the current ridge line.

Member Hoban questioned if the roof would be sculpted. Assistant Planner Sowers answered that it is proposed to be conditioned that way in the condition addressing the fascia.

Chairman Daybell opened up the floor for questions from the applicant. Homeowner Cunningham, 433 West Malvern, agreed with staff recommendations and wants the roof to remain looking the same as the front does. She stated if the committee wants windows on the west elevation she would agree to it.

Chairman Daybell said it would give it a better sight appearance if that work was done. He said it was a straightforward project and was done very well. He asked if anyone had anything to add. Member Hoban had no comments. Member Duncan had no comments and recommended approval of project with staff recommendations. Chairman Daybell commended the applicant on wanting to keep the appearance of the historic character of the house.

Assistant Planner Sowers asked the Committee before they make a motion if they could take into consideration the construction of addition and the reduction of setback from 4 ft. to 5 ft. Chairman Daybell said that they would incorporate staff recommendations into the motion. Member Duncan made a MOTION to recommended approval with staff recommendations of setback and other design recommendations. The motion was SECONDED by Member Hoban. The motion was approved unanimously by members present.

Chairman Daybell stated there were no public comments, and inquired about other meetings including City Council and Planning Commission. Assistant Planner Sowers reviewed projects approved at the previous planning committee meeting from the night before including Olson project on Commonwealth and Basque. She stated that final construction drawing would come to the RDRC for review and approval.

Chairman Daybell discussed the Downtown meeting he attended announcing a follow up meeting of August 23.


No public comments.






MOTION was requested by Chairman Daybell to adjourn, seconded by Members Duncan and Hoban. Chairman Daybell adjourned the meeting at 4:40 P.M.