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Minutes February 28, 2002: Redevelopment Design Review Committee

Minutes February 28, 2002: Redevelopment Design Review Committee

February 28, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 P.M. by Chairman Coffman
Chairman Coffman; Committee Members Blumer, Daybell, Johnson
Committee Member Silber
Program Planner Linnell
The minutes of the February 7th meeting was approved as written.


The Committee continued the review of site and architectural plans for a new 3-story, 5-unit apartment on property at 312-314 West Wilshire Avenue. Program Planner Linnell said that the applicant is present to submit a revised set of plans that take into account comments from the Committee at the February 7th meeting. At that meeting, the Committee instructed Mr. Fischer to revise the elevations of the north and south sides of the building in a way to eliminate the flat faade and provide some form of relief.

Alex and Marianna Fischer-Militaru, the applicant and property owners, were present to discuss the request. Mr. Fischer-Militaru described the revised set of plans, saying that the building now features a combination of stucco and wood siding for the exterior walls. He is proposing the use of stucco, in response to the comments at the last meeting by the owner of the property to the west. Mr. Fischer said that he has provided a parapet over the balconies on the south (back) side of the building to address the Committee's request for more relief to the facade. Mr. Fischer displayed a color and materials board, including the type of wood siding and composition roof being proposed for the development project.

Chairman Coffman opened the discussion for public comments. No one was present to comment on the request. Chairman Coffman closed the public hearing and asked for comments from the Committee.

Committee members were satisfied with the color and materials board, but members expressed reservation with the use of stucco on the majority of the building's exterior walls. Members were not satisfied with the revised design of the north and south sides of the building. Members discussed with Mr. Fischer the need to provide more relief or articulation to these sides of the building and to eliminate their flat appearance, as exhibited by the submitted drawings. Members clearly stated that an approval of the development project would not be forthcoming unless more was done with these sides of the building.

Motion by Blumer, seconded and CARRIED unanimously by Members present to CONTINUE consideration of Development Project DP-01-10 until the next regularly scheduled meeting (March 14, 2002).



The Committee reviewed a request to allow changes to the decorative bands on the existing commercial buildings at 131 and 181 East Commonwealth Avenue. Program Planner Linnell described the request and history of the two buildings. He asked the applicant, Pansy Law, to elaborate on her proposal to change the composition of the bands that uniformly run along the top of these two buildings.

Pansy Law, applicant and property owner, explained the research she had done to come to the conclusion that the existing ceramic tiles needed to be removed. She said that the tiles were improperly installed with the construction of the building, and it is just a matter of time before all of the tiles will come loose and fall. Furthermore, it is presently not possible to find like tiles for a replacement. She described the proposed change: to remove all of the tiles and the foam molding that constitute the existing band and to reinstall a new foam molding and refinish the space between the two bands of molding with stucco in a color acceptable to the Committee. The proposed molding would have a clean, simple profile compared to the type now existing on the building. She indicated that the corner building would be remodeled, and the new tenant might want to repaint the building a different color scheme than what is presently in place.

Cameron Irons, representing the new tenant for the corner building, said that a new color scheme would be proposed in the future. His primary concern at this time is to have the ceramic tiles removed from the building for liability reasons.

Chairman Coffman asked for comments from the Committee. Members agreed that the banding feature of these two buildings is an important design element that needed to be retained. Members thought that the ceramic tiles were a good accent material and ideally should be used as part of a reconstruction of the band. However, Members believed the applicant could attain the same appearance of the existing band without the use of tiles if a smooth, shiny stucco finish is specified for the interior space of the band. Members also thought that the new top and bottom molding should be nearly identical to the existing molding in its profile in order to provide the needed shadow line and contrast. The color scheme for the band should be similar to the existing one: the moldings should have a different color than the smooth stucco interior.

Motion by Blumer, seconded and CARRIED unanimously by Members present to ALLOW a change in the banding for the two buildings at 131 and 181 East Commonwealth Avenue, subject to the following specifications:

  • The banding will consist of new molding on the top and bottom that has a similar profile and dimension as the existing molding. The top and bottom moldings will be painted the same color as the color for the building's cornice.
  • The existing ceramic tiles may be removed. The interior space between the two moldings will have stucco having a smooth steel trowel finish and painted a color different than the moldings on the top and bottom.
  • A lacquered (glossy) finish will be specified for the painted stucco for the interior space of the band in order to achieve a contrast with the finish of the moldings.


Committee Member Blumer said that he would excuse himself from participating on this item; he left the room.

The Committee reviewed site and architectural plans to construct a second residential unit on an R2-P zoned property at 210 West Whiting Avenue. Program Planner Linnell described the request, stating that the proposed design meets all development standards and that the architecture in keeping with the Design Guidelines for preservation zones. Staff is recommending approval subject to the standard conditions.

In attendance were the property owners, Mr. and Mrs. Kruip, and their architect Rick Crane from Crane Architectural Group. Mr. Crane displayed a color and materials board for the new unit, and he said that the intent of the owners is to construct a unit that is similar in appearance as the existing unit. Barbara Kruip noted that eventually the existing residence would be re-roofed and repainted to match the color scheme chosen for the new unit.

Chairman Coffman noted that no one else was present to discuss the request. He closed the public hearing and asked for comments from the Committee.

Committee Members were very supportive of the submitted plans as proposed. Members thought that the required landscape and irrigation plan for the property could be reviewed and approved by the Director of Development Services.

Motion by Johnson, seconded and CARRIED unanimously by Members present to APPROVE Development Project DP-02-1, subject to the conditions recommended in the staff report.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:35 P.M.
Bob Linnell, Program Planner