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Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2002


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Crane at 4:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Chairman Crane; Commissioners Griffin, Savage, Stopper, Wilson, and LeQuire
ABSENT: Commissioner Price

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Planner Rosen, Contract Planner Garcia, Senior Engineer Wallin, and Recording Secretary Garfinkel


Commissioner LeQuire noted that the minutes should reflect the "Crossin" building as the "Virginia K. Crosson Cancer Center".

Commissioner Stopper noted that on page 85, 5th paragraph from the bottom, "since all eight of the property owners were not present". Commissioner Stopper noted that it should read, "since all eight of the property owners were not in favor of the rezone ".

Chairman Crane questioned on page 82, 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence, if Program Planner Linnell, "promised the property owners". Chief Planner Rosen noted the wording would be changed to, "made a commitment to initiate the rezoning".

Chairman Crane also questioned page 84, 1st paragraph, 4th sentence, the word "interpretation". Chief Planner Rosen noted that was correct, and no modification was needed.

MOTION by Commissioner LeQuire, seconded and CARRIED by a 6-0 vote, that the Minutes of the June 26, 2002, meeting be APPROVED AS AMENDED.



Staff report dated July 10, 2002, was presented to consider allowing the construction and operation of a new 29,748 square foot motorcycle service and storage facility, and a 1,200 square foot donut shop, increase the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) from .40 to .66 and modify a previously approved CUP on property located at 2635 - 2645 West Orangethorpe Avenue (approximately 140 feet east of the northeast corner of Magnolia Avenue and Orangethorpe Avenue) (C-H zone) (Categorically exempt under Class 15332 of CEQA Guidelines).

Contract Planner Garcia gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding the above subject property. This was an expansion of the Harley-Davidson dealership on Orangethorpe Avenue, which had been in operation at the same location for 30 years. The owner acquired the adjacent shopping center, which would be demolished for the proposed development. An existing donut shop at the center would be relocated to a new 1,200 square foot building located on the southwest corner of the property. The donut shop would match the design and color of the Harley-Davidson Dealership.

A total of 71 parking spaces were required for this proposal; 36 parking spaces for the new building; and 35 parking spaces for the existing dealership that were approved under a previous CUP. The applicant was proposing 57 parking spaces for vehicles, and 78 parking spaces for motorcycles; a total of 135 parking spaces. Staff felt parking would be sufficient for the proposed use. Access to the site would be through two driveways; one at the existing location and one that had been relocated at the west side of the new property. The site plan called for a "driveway aisle" to provide access between the two properties.

The proposed FAR (Floor Area Ratio) for the site would be .66, which the Code allows with the CUP, and with consideration to the traffic generated for the proposed development. The City's Traffic Engineer determined there was adequate traffic capacity within the traffic zone to accommodate this development. This use would generate fewer trips than the existing shopping center.

The proposal was consistent with development standards for this zone and as presented would be compatible with other uses in the area. Staff recommended that the Commission approve this Conditional Use Permit, the Major Site Plan, and the Amendment to CUP-951 subject to the conditions presented in the report.

Public hearing opened.

Applicant Ron Busante, representative for the owners for this project, thanked staff for their presentation and help in the design process. The applicant believed this was an opportunity to clear up an aging shopping center and to expand an existing 30-year old business. Mr. Busante noted that the owner of the business was present if there were any questions that were specific to the use of the building. The applicant noted that the staff report and conditions had been reviewed and the applicants were in agreement with each of the items.

Commissioner Griffin asked the applicant if they also reviewed the Engineer's requirements, and Mr. Busante responded affirmatively. Commissioner Griffin also asked if the retail tenants from the shopping center had been notified that the shopping center was going to be demolished. Mr. Busante responded affirmatively, and added that this was a requirement that had to be done to reach this stage of the application process.

Chairman Crane expressed concern with the blank walls on the alley side and the potential for graffiti. Mr. Busante noted that the elevations on the alley side were blank and added that the base and median colors could be extended all around the building. Also, the alley side could be sealed with a coating. Chairman Crane also noted the blank wall on the west side of the donut shop. Again, Mr. Busante noted that the color articulation could be extended. Chairman Crane mentioned that there was no landscaping or setback. The applicant noted that there was no landscaping on the Harley-Davidson side, however, there was on the Burger King side. Chairman Crane asked the applicant if any thought had been given to an additional treatment. The applicant noted that graffiti treatment could be applied.

There were no other public comments.

Public hearing closed.

Commissioner LeQuire noted the agreement whereby the applicant chose to keep two separate parcels. He asked if it was usual to require that the lots be consolidated. Chief Planner Rosen replied that typically it was required, depending on the situation. If there are compelling reasons not to consolidate presented by the applicant, and there is sufficient parking on both sides so that if the properties do get separated, there is not a critical issue, it would then be allowed.

Senior Engineer Wallin noted that Engineering would take the last paragraph out of the letter pertaining to consolidation.

Chairman Crane again noted, that in relation to studies of major intersections such as Euclid Avenue, Orangethorpe Avenue, Harbor Boulevard, Magnolia Avenue, etc., there was concern about the blank wall on the donut shop. Commissioner Wilson agreed. Commissioner Griffin suggested using molding partway down from the roof with a different color for some contrast.

Chief Planner Rosen added there were options for architecture and also there would be some room to move the building back and create some landscaping. He suggested adding a condition to allow staff to provide some architectural treatment along the back of the building or a combination of landscaping.

Commissioner Wilson felt this would be a huge improvement at that intersection with the added condition.

Chairman Crane clarified that the added condition would be to enhance the elevation of the west side of the donut shop with landscape or architectural features.

Commissioner Stopper asked the applicants for their comment on the possibility of moving the building. The applicants responded that they were in agreement.

The title of Resolution No. 6982 APPROVING a request to allow the construction and operation of a new 29,748 square foot motorcycle service and storage facility, and a 1,200 square foot donut shop, increase the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) from .40 to .66 and modify a previously approved CUP on property located at 2635 - 2645 West Orangethorpe Avenue, was read and further reading was waived. MOTION by Commissioner Griffin, seconded and CARRIED unanimously that said Resolution be APPROVED AS AMENDED, that the applicant shall prepare and submit for the review and approval of the Director of Development Services, plans to enhance the elevation of the west side of the donut shop by adding landscape and/or architectural features.



    Chief Planner Rosen gave a brief report. Commissioner Stopper encouraged the Commissioners to read the Technology Task Force Report.


    Chief Planner Rosen provided a Resolution adopted in 1988 by the Planning Commission, which are the rules and procedures for the Commission and covered areas such as debate, chair's control of debate, timing of speakers, minutes, and records, etc. This policy was adopted by the Planning Commission, however, could be modified.

    Also provided was a booklet that the City Council and City Clerk provided to various commissions that covered parliamentary procedures.

    Chief Planner Rosen researched the cost of legal counsel, and the estimated cost based on the average meeting hours, to have counsel at every meeting would be about $5,000.00 annually. There was no budget, so staff would have to go back and get a new appropriation for this. Chief Planner Rosen recommended that it would be best to leave it up to staff to decide if counsel is needed.

    There was a consensus by the Commissioners that legal counsel would be requested for future Planning Commission meetings on an "as needed basis." The Chairman should consult with staff regarding the need for counsel.



    The next meeting of the Fullerton Planning Commission will be July 24, 2002, at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:39 p.m.

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