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Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

AUGUST 10, 2005
Council Chambers - City Hall

Persons addressing the Planning Commission shall be limited to 10 minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Chairman, subject to approval of the Planning Commission. When any group of persons wishes to address the Commission, it shall be proper for the Chairman to request that a spokesman be chosen to represent the group.

Public comment will be allowed on agenda items at the time the item is considered.

Public comment will be allowed on matters not appearing on the agenda but within the Planning Commission's jurisdiction, at the end of the agenda. No action may be taken on off-agenda items except as provided by law.

The Planning Commission's approval or denial of any action on this agenda shall become final and effective ten days after its decision unless an appeal is made in writing within this ten-day period to the City Council by either an applicant or an opponent. The filing of an appeal within such time limit shall stay the effective date of the order of the Planning Commission until such time as the City Council has acted on the appeal. Anyone interested in making an appeal should contact the Development Services Department for assistance.





Regular Meetings of July 6 and 13, 2005
Next Resolution No. PC-05-27



1. PRJ04-00238 - LRP04-00007. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: LSF II FULLERTON. A request to amend Amerige Heights Development Agreement DA-00-01 to provide an extension of time to complete certain public facilities in the Amerige Heights Specific Plan, including the Amerige Heights Community Center and Barrett Park (Trailhead Park). The Amerige Heights Specific Plan is generally located north of Malvern Ave, east of Gilbert St, south of Pioneer Ave, and west of Bastanchury Road (Specific Plan District) (Previously certified EIR) (Continued from July 13, 2005) (JRO). -Continue to September 14, 2005
2. PRJ04-00791 - ZON04-00078. APPLICANT: JEFF ERICKSON; PROPERTY OWNER: ST. JUDE MEDICAL CENTER. A request for a major site plan to construct a 4,473-square-foot bank building (Bank of America), and a zoning adjustment for a 20% reduction of the required building setback along Valencia Mesa Drive from 10 feet to 8 feet, on property located at 2101 North Harbor Boulevard (northwest corner of Valencia Mesa Drive and Harbor Boulevard (C-2 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidelines) (MMU) -Approval, subject to conditions
3. PJR05-00491 - LRP05-00008 - CLARIFICATION OF AMBIGUITY. An interpretation of the Fullerton Municipal Code pertaining to the definition of a "story" for a single-family residence located at 613 West Valley View Drive (MMU) -Continue to August 24, 2005






The next regularly-scheduled meeting of the Fullerton Planning Commission will be August 24, 2005, at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. 4:00 P.M. SESSION
  • A request to approve a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to expand an existing legal non-conforming bar, change from an existing ABC Type 42 license (On-sale beer & wine - public premises) to an ABC Type 48 (On-sale general - public premises) and reduce the number of parking spaces required for the site, on property located at 910-914 W. Williamson Avenue

  • A request for a major development project and a Conditional Use Permit for a proposed child care center, with an enrollment of up to 24 children, on property located at 1418 S. Euclid Street

  • A request for a major development project, a one-lot tentative tract map, and a zoning adjustment, to exceed the allowable lot coverage by 2%, to accommodate the construction of a seven-unit condominium development on property located at 321-323 East Amerige Avenue

  • An interpretation of the Fullerton Municipal Code pertaining to the definition of a "story" for a single-family residence located at 613 West Valley View Drive
  • A request to demolish an existing tennis club and construct a 131-unit senior housing complex. including a major site plan, conditional use permit for a "retirement complex", minor zoning adjustment to exceed the maximum permitted lot coverage; and a General Plan Revision to change the land use designation from "Parks and Recreational" to "Office", on property located at 1900 Camino Loma

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