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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes

February 16 2005

CALL TO ORDER:Vice Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:37 a.m.
MEMBERS PRESENT: McNelly, Murphy, Mitchell, Adamson, Roberts, Hardwick
MEMBERS ABSENT: Twineham, Pugh, McCormack
STAFF PRESENT: Assistant Planner Sowers, Clerical Support Dew
APPROVAL OF MINUTES:Minutes from the December 15, 2004 and January 19, 2005 were approved as written.


  1. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

    Chairman McNelly pointed out that the ERMC Committee is anticipating the possibility of new memberships as the Committee awaits the City Council to make its final decision on who will stay a member of the ERMC Committee. Committee Member Roberts suggested electing an acting Chairman and Vice Chairman. Committee Member Mitchell agreed and encouraged Chairman McNelly and Vice Chairman Hardwick stay in their present positions. Vice Chairman Hardwick motioned and Committee Member Adamson seconded that the ERMC continue on as constituted until such time as the members are removed, replaced or extended by the City Council. The motion passed unanimously.


  1. Green Pages

    Chairman McNelly recognized Committee Member Mitchell for providing an invaluable service to the Committee as well as the citizens of Fullerton.

    Assistant Planner Sowers reported that as agreed in the prior ERMC meeting, The Green Pages will go out as an insert in the Community Services Newsletter. Community Services has agreed to insert and not staple the next volume of The Green Pages. The target deadline to get all information to the printer is the second week in April 2005. Distribution will take place in May 2005. Assistant Planner Sowers proposed keeping the existing content similar to that of the last edition. Committee Member Mitchell suggested including information on drought tolerant landscaping and toilet rebate information. Chairman McNelly suggested adding “The Drain is not a Dump” information regarding the fats, oils and grease program. He continued by suggesting putting in information about sewage spills and what to do in the event you should see a sewage spill occur.

    Chairman McNelly informed the committee of a program with Orange County Water District and OCSD that was created to inform the public on the dangers of flushing expired pharmaceuticals down the toilet. It is no longer a recommendation to flush old or used pharmaceuticals into the sewer system. OCSD and Orange County Water District have Public Information Lines where anyone can call to learn of the suggested ways to dispose of any old or used medicines.

    Chairman McNelly recommended to all Members to forward to Assistant Planner Sowers any further ideas for the next publication of The Green Pages.

  2. Goals and Objectives for 2005

    Committee Member Adamson informed the Committee that he felt it important to have goals and objectives implemented. He continued by stating he thought that having goals and objectives kept the committee on task. Chairman McNelly requested that Assistant Planner Sowers email each member the goals and objectives of 2004. Those goals will be put on the March 16, 2005 agenda as a number one topic. The Committee will prepare a complete list of accomplishments for 2004 and make that list available to City Council and the City Manager in April 2005.


Chairman McNelly welcomed Ralph Baker to the meeting. Mr. Baker stated that he has applied to be a member of the ERMC Committee. He shared his concern with the lack of members present.


Member Roberts reported he would be in Washington D.C. on March 16, 2005 and would not be able to attend the next scheduled meeting. In the event that Committee Member Roberts is not chosen to return to the Committee, he wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Committee Members for allowing him to serve with them. Chairman McNelly questioned Committee Member Roberts if he would be willing to serve if the Council should choose him to do so. Committee Member Roberts said he would willingly serve on the Committee again.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on March 16, 2005.