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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes January 21 2004

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes January 21 2004

January 21 2004

CALL TO ORDER:Acting Chairman McNelly called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.
MEMBERS PRESENT: Adamson, Devlin, Hardwick, McCormack, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Twineham, Roberts
STAFF PRESENT: Assistant Planner Sowers, and Clerical Support Thompson
APPROVAL OF MINUTES:Minutes of the December 17, 2003 meeting were APPROVED as written.


  1. Staff Update

    Interviews for the two vacant and two expired Committee seats were held on January 19. Appointments will be made at the February 3, 2004 City Council meeting. Assistant Planner Sowers responded to several of the committee members previous requests. There had been a request for staff to provide the committee members with the City Council agendas and Briefing report. She informed the committee that in an effort to eliminate the excess use of paper the City Council agendas are available on the Citys website at this link. Assistant Planner Sowers provided each member with a handout instructing how to obtain a copy of the agendas and minutes. She stated that the Briefings would be sent to them electronically each month.

    Assistant Planner Sowers received preliminary approval from the California Integrated Waste Management Board to use the Used Oil Grant funds to produce the Fullerton Green Pages environmental programs brochure as long as the used oil information is displayed somewhere on each page. She will need to create a sample for final funding approval. Once the funding is approved she will present the committee with three options for printing and distribution. Committee members McCormack, Mitchell, and Twineham expressed an interest in assisting in the creative process.

  2. Election of officers for 2004

    The committee continued this item until the next meeting when newly appointed members would be present.

  3. Review of 2003 Accomplishments and 2004 Goals and Objectives

    In reviewing the 2003 Accomplishments, Assistant Planner Sowers explained that there had been a slight decline in the diversion numbers under AB939 due to the countys low cost fee to self-haul to the landfill. Committee member Roberts suggested that the ranking of the Citys diversion rate be added to the report. He also asked that staff included a note that the committee did not have meetings through the summer due to staffing issues. Assistant Planner Sowers proposed that this information be included in the cover letter. Committee member McCormack suggested adding the joint meetings with the Citizens Infrastructure Committee on sewer lateral lines. The committee thanked Assistant Planner Sowers for preparing a tentative schedule of items to discuss throughout 2004 and unanimously approved the 2003 Accomplishments and 2004 Goals and Objectives with as amended. Acting Chairman McNelly offered to present the report to the City Council at the February 17, 2004 meeting.




Acting Chairman McNelly requested that staff ensure all agenda and minute postings are up to date.

Committee member Mitchell informed the committee that she spoke with a representative from the Penny Saver about printing the Green Pages on green paper and it would cost $4.90 per 1000 sheets of the 11 x 17 folded and printed in black ink on all four sides.

Committee member Hardwick suggested that future meetings should be scheduled for an hour and a half to allow for additional discussion it needed. The committee concurred and directed staff to adjust the room reservation.


Items to be reviewed at a future meeting will include the following:

  • Urban Water Management Plan
  • Emergency Water Plan
  • Water Rates


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on February 18, 2004 at 7:30 a.m.