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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes September 19, 2001

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes September 19, 2001


Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Hardwick, Burtner, Hoover, Mahaffey, Mitchell, Murphy, Roberts, Schmidt


Adamson, Pendarvis, McNelly


Associate Planner Viado, and Clerical Support Thompson




Minutes of July 18, 2001 were APPROVED as written.


Brown Act

Associate Planner Viado informed the committee that the Brown Act materials distributed with the agenda were for those committee members not familiar with the Brown Act. Committee members should familiarize themselves with the basic rules covered by the Brown Act with regards to meetings.

Letter of Commendation on City energy conservation efforts

Chairman Hardwick expressed an interest in composing a letter of commendation to Maintenance Service Director Bob Savage for his excellent efforts to conserve energy throughout the city. It was proposed to send a copy of this letter to Mayor Jones in order to have City Council submit a Proclamation to Director Savage. Committee member Hoover made a motion to accept and Committee member Burtner seconded. The committee unanimously agreed.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program

Associate Planner Viado suggested that the committee consider implementing an educational/public awareness program on Storm Water Pollution Prevention. The program could include such items as the proper disposal of trash and oil, and implications on the over watering of lawns and use of pesticides. This suggestion lead to a discussion regarding the funding available for such efforts and the types of actions the committee could recommend. Committee member suggestions included the following:

  1. Storm Water Pollution Prevention poster contest at the local elementary schools.
  2. Cable television advertisements.
  3. Newspaper advertisements.
  4. Storm drain stamp/stencil program.

Committee members also discussed the possibility of submitting a letter to the Fullerton Observer or Tribune editorial section to and raise public awareness of the Storm Water Pollution issue. Committee member Hoover volunteered to prepare the letter.

Additional discussion was held on the status of storm drain stenciling in the city. Associate Planner Viado indicated Gene Viramontes, Street Superintendent for the city, would be asked to speak at a future meeting to discuss storm drain stenciling and street sweeping programs currently implemented.


Discovery Museum Annual Trash Bash Gala Invitation

Associate Planner Viado indicated this item was not included with the agenda because the invitation was received after the agenda was mailed. Each committee member has been invited to the Discovery Museum's Annual Trash Bash Gala on Saturday October 6th. Those wishing to attend should contact Associate Planner Viado to confirm. Detailed information on the event would be forwarded to committee members in the mail.


Chairman Hardwick announced the City Council issued a Proclamation recognizing National Pollution Prevention Week. As the Chair for the Energy and Resource Management Committee, he accepted the proclamation and expressed an interest to have the proclamation framed and placed where everyone can share in the recognition of this committee's efforts.

Committee member Roberts acknowledged the August 2001 City Council Meeting and commented on a few of the citizens who spoke to the council regarding the lack of leadership within the city. Committee member Roberts commended all those who serve on this committee and others within the city and expressed his gratitude to all.

Committee member Mitchell suggested the committee send a letter of appreciation to City Manager Armstrong on his past years of service to the city. Chairman Hardwick added that each individual committee member should send Mr. Armstrong a letter, which could be written on ERMC letterhead. Associate Planner Viado will forward letterhead stationary to Committee members.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be October 17, 2001.