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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes April 18, 2001

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes April 18, 2001


Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Burtner, Hardwick, Hoover, Mahaffey, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Pendarvis, Schmidt


Adamson, Roberts


Associate Planner Viado, Clerical Support Bond, and Maintenance Services Director Savage




Minutes of March 21, 2001, were APPROVED as written.


Chairman Hardwick introduced Maintenance Services Director Bob Savage.


Energy Conservation/City Facilities & Operations

Maintenance Services Director Savage reviewed various steps the city has taken to be energy conscious. The City with contracted with Viron Energy Services to retrofit the city's main buildings with energy efficient lighting. Doing this is expected to result in $138,900 guaranteed energy savings per year, which over ten years will result in over $1 million.

Maintenance Services, in conjunction with Engineering, replaced red signal lights at over one hundred thirteen intersections with energy efficient (LED) light bulbs. Technology was not available to effectively replace bulbs in the green signal lights at that time, however recent developments have now made this possible and Engineering is working on a project to replace the green signal light bulbs.

Other energy conservation measures, contained in a memorandum Mr. Savage prepared for the City Manager, were briefly outlined. Short-term measures, including those already being implemented, were discussed. Long-term measures were also identified and briefly discussed by Mr. Savage.


Associate Planner Viado reviewed the current Used Oil Collection advertising proposal submitted by Industrial Strength Advertising. 2000-01 funds in the amount of $44,075 have been allotted to the City of Fullerton for use in promoting used oil collection activities in the city. Since delays in funding for the previous grant cycle allowed the City to continue advertising programs through the beginning of the current grant cycle, 2000-01 funds had not been appropriated. At this time an advertising campaign to appropriate these funds needs approval. The proposed campaign incorporates components of the previous campaign, including newspaper advertisements and bus shelter posters. New items such as promotional giveaways (magnets, key chains) will also be included in the new campaign. The total amount of the campaign proposed by Industrial Strength Advertising is $44,027. A motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously by members present.


Chairman Hardwick expressed an interest to provide City Council with this committee's recommendations regarding this summer's pending rolling blackouts by June. The suggestion was made to continue to speak with staff and organize ideas on ways to prioritize the city's efforts to ease this demand for energy.

A lengthy discussion was held concerning the roles and responsibilities of the Committee. Members suggested all proposed programs be reviewed and approved by the Committee prior to final review at the City Council level. Members also suggested that staff provide them with additional information and materials related to energy and resource management policies/programs of the City. Associate Planner Viado indicated she would try to schedule appropriate guest speakers and obtain related materials for distribution at future meetings.

Committee member Mahaffey commented on the ad for the Beverage Container Recycling Program at the Fullerton Schools in the Fullerton Observer.

Committee member Hoover informed the committee of his intentions to resign due to the thirty-four page Conflict of Interest Form he is required to fill out, however the events of this meeting renewed his interest in this committee and his decision to continue as a Committee member.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be May 16, 2001.