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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes October 18, 2000

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes October 18, 2000


Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Adamson, Hardwick, Hoover, Mahaffey, Murphy, Schmidt , Pugh, McNelly, Roberts


Burtner, Pendarvis, Pugh


Associate Planner Viado, and Clerical Support Haberman


John Carlson, Water System Manager, Ron Wallin, Engineering Department


Minutes of September 20, 2000 were APPROVED amended as follows: Committee member Kelly amended to Committee member McNelly.


Chairman Hardwick introduced John Carlson, City of Fullerton Water System Manager


Urban Water Management Plan

John Carlson, Water System Manager, spoke to the committee regarding the current status of Fullerton's Urban Water Management Plan. The State requires utilities with more than 3,000 service connections to prepare an Urban Water Management Plan as a public document. This plan requires: 1) A review of the City's water supply, 2) information on how water is supplied, 3) plans for future water supply 4) procedures for handling a drought, and 5) water conservation procedures. The Committee will be responsible for reviewing the plan prior to it being submitted to the City Council for approval to the State.

Mr. Carlson indicated that after the Urban Water Management Plan is completed, it will be sent by mail to each committee member for review. The Energy and Resource Management Committee can review the plan at the November 15th meeting for approval to the City Council.

A discussion was held on the status of contaminants found in the water supply at the reservoirs and the plumes found in the industrial areas of Fullerton. Mr. Carlson explained how well drilling procedures and treatments might be used in areas of contaminated plumes.

1999-2000 NPDES Stormwater Report

Associate Planner Viado indicated that copies of the City's NPPDES Stormwater Report were included in the Agenda packet as previously requested by the committee. Ron Wallin of the Engineering Department, who coordinated the report, was available to answer questions on the document.

Committee Member McNelly asked for more information on funding sources for the stormwater program. Mr. Wallin stated that various departments were already performing various tasks that are required by the NPDES and therefore would not be a large financial drain to the City. Committee Member McNelly stated that there should be a more detailed cost explanation in the NPDES Stormwater Report.

Associate Planner Viado said representatives from other departments involved in the NPDES Report would be asked to attend future meetings of the ERMC to provide additional information as requested by committee members.


Chairman Hardwick announced that he is running for City Council and will not be a member of the ERMC after December when his term expires.

Committee member Mahaffey informed the committee members that it is the responsibility of MG Disposal and the schools to work out a new contract for the Beverage Recycling Program. Associate Planner Viado indicated the City's next action is to continue to promote recycling and encourage school participation with MG Disposal.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be November 15, 2000.