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Energy & Resource Management Committee

Energy & Resource Management Committee

June 21, 2000

Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.
Hardwick, Hoover, Burtner, Schmidt, Roberts, Pendarvis, Pugh, Murphy, Mahaffey


City Treasurer Ed Paul, Associate Planner Viado, and Clerical Support Haberman

Minutes of May 17, 2000 were APPROVED as written.

Chairman Hardwick introduced City Treasurer Ed Paul.

Amendment of Solid Waste Contract with MG Disposal and Taormina Industries
Associate Planner Viado outlined the staff report informing the committee that the City Council recently approved the waste hauling contract with MG Disposal. The new contract reflects pickup and processing of Greenwaste, and includes new residential/ commercial waste hauling rates. New rates from MG will become effective July 1,2000.

Committee member Hoover asked for a comparison of the old and new rates.

City Treasurer Ed Paul distributed information on the new rates, which included columns indicating the existing rate, proposed changes/increases and the new rate. Distributed information also included the method of computing the fees. Fees for hauling, processing, use of landfill, and cost of contract implementation were all considered in the computation. Mr. Paul further explained all factors involved with the fees increase including how the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used in the formula and other factors affecting the increase.

Department of Conservation/Division of Recycling Beverage Container Recycling Grant
Associate Planner Viado informed the committee of a grant that was submitted to the Department of Conservation for Beverage Container Recycling at public locations.

The proposed program submitted by the City is specifically for beverage container and litter abatement programs and will focus on plastic, glass, aluminum and newspaper collection containers located at all local elementary and middle schools, Fullerton Senior Center, Fullerton College Child Care Center, Fullerton YMCA and Laguna Lake Park. Educational information will also be available to enlighten residents about the program.

A lengthy discussion was held on the submitted program, its benefits to the community, total cost of subsidizing, and methods of educating the public on the program. Further details on the grant request will be given to the committee when staff receives confirmation from the Department of Conservation.

California Integrated Waste Management Board/CalMAX Partnership Mini-Grant (Business Recycling)
Associate Planner Viado outlined the staff report. The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) has allocated $100,000 for a mini-grant program for business recycling. This is a competitive grant program, which involves promotion of the CalMAX catalog. This catalog contains information on businesses that have waste products available for recycling, as well as industry seeking a source to use their waste products. Applications must be submitted by August 4, 2000.

After lengthy discussion on the feasibility to apply for this grant, a sub committee was established for the purpose of investigating the feasibility of an application. The sub committee will report back their findings at the July 19th ERMC meeting. Committee members Hoover Mahaffey, and Murphy volunteered to work on the sub committee. Associate Planner Viado will provide staff support.

Committee member Roberts suggested if no action items were placed on the scheduled August meeting that no ERMC meeting be held. This topic would be further discussed at the July meeting.

Committee members discussed the appropriate procedures for how the public should address the ERMC at meetings when guest speakers are present.

A discussion on the method used by the City Council, where the Mayor opens the floor for public comment, was held. Each item scheduled for public hearing is outlined by staff and discussed among Council members. The Mayor then will invite the public to comment. Items not on the agenda cannot be discussed, but rather are appropriately discussed at the meeting under the "Public Comment" agenda item.

Committee members discussed this procedure and agreed it would be the appropriate format for ERMC Meetings. In the case of the ERMC, the chairperson would be responsible for opening the discussion for public comment. Persons wishing to speak on an agenda item must wait until the Chairperson acknowledges the comment period. All other comments on non-agenda items must wait until the "Public Comment" time as scheduled on the ERMC Agenda, unless otherwise directed by the Chairperson.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be July 19, 2000.
Judy Haberman, Clerical Support