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2001 Workplan

2001 Workplan


  1. Elect Officers
  2. Develop report to City Council on 2000 accomplishments and 2001 work plan

Water Issues

  1. Review applicable water and waste water legislation
  2. Review City's proposed water rates and water projects
  3. Monitor City water production, distribution, purchasing and consumption
  4. Monitor changes to, and City implementation of, the Clean Water Act, specifically the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program
  5. Review and monitor implementation of the City's Urban Water Management Plan

Solid Waste Issues

  1. Review and monitor City implementation of the Source Reduction and Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Elements
    1. Evaluate progress of existing SRRE programs
    2. Review and recommend implementation of new programs identified through the SRRE
    3. Continue implementation of Citywide Green Waste Collection Program and Backyard Composting Workshops
    4. Continue implementation of the Used Oil Collection Program
    5. Continue implementation of the Beverage Container Recycling Program
    6. Monitor compliance with the AB 939 diversion mandate
  2. Review proposed legislative and regulatory changes
  3. Research possible grant funding opportunities

Energy Issues

  1. Monitor current energy related issues and make recommendations to City Council and Staff as necessary
  2. Research and recommend Citywide energy conservation/reduction measures

Public Outreach

  1. Advise the City Council on public information efforts needed to facilitate implementation of the above, and to encourage efficient energy and water use
  2. Consider participation in City-sponsored events and activities