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1999 Workplan

1999 Workplan

Used Oil Program

  1. Contact Certified Centers to inquire about placing floor graphics displays.
  2. Contact Alex Couchman at Industrial Strength Advertising with list of Certified Centers authorizing placement of floor graphics displays.
  3. Distribute informational flyer/brochure to various businesses which have potential to become Certified Centers.
  4. Conduct site visits to existing Certified Centers for progress report.

Recycling Program

  1. Contact 20/20 Recycling Centers (main office - 1-800-883-2274) to obtain listing of facilities in Fullerton, including addresses and hours of operation. If possible, obtain the current redemption rates they pay for glass, aluminum, etc.
  2. Prepare new edition of "Recycle Fullerton" for public distribution.
  3. Clean Green 2000 - pending contract negotiations with MG Disposal.

Public Outreach

  1. Create informational brochure with recycling information (i.e. how to prepare trash for recycling, locations of certified used oil collection/recycling/household hazardous waste centers.
  2. Publish articles in 'Focus on Fullerton' on recycling efforts/information.
  3. Update City's Web Page with recycling information as needed.