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TWG Minutes - July 26, 2007




July 26, 2007

9:00 A.M.



Chair Burtner called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.




Members Present

Tony Anderson                      Mike Carter

Roger Burtner, Chair            Helen Hall

Fred Canfield                        Paul Stover, Vice Chair


Robb Port and Madusha Palliyage arrived after roll call.


Members Absent

Steve Giano

Larry Iboshi

Carl Samantello*


*Guest:  Alan Mao, Systems Administrator, Fullerton Joint Union High School District

              (filling in for Carl Samantello)


Staff:  Robert Ferrier, Acting Assistant to the City Manager


Helen Hall announced that Cameron McCune had resigned, and that Council had recently appointed Edward Smith to the TWG.




The minutes from the previous meeting were not available, so approval was postponed to the next meeting.


Before beginning discussion items, Chair Burtner introduced Mr. Ferrier to the TWG, explaining that Mr. Ferrier would be replacing Joe Felz.  Each member of the TWG introduced themselves to Mr. Ferrier and provided a brief recap of their background.




1.  Creation of an educational/municipal (institutional) fiber/wireless network,



Report of Meetings


Chair Burtner indicated that since the last TWG meeting he had met with Michael Brinskele, CEO of Broadband Associates.  Dr. Burtner had been referred to Mr. Brinskele by his Corning contact.  Mr. Brinskele's firm essentially builds, operates, and maintains fiberoptic networks.  He has built an I-Net connecting the schools in Santa Clara and Santa Clara University in the Bay area.  He's also working with Corning on a new home development in North Carolina.  In discussing funding for the I-Net with Mr. Brinskele, Chair Burtner learned from him that E-rate has a special program which would pay a one-time cost of up to $500,000 for connecting schools to a network.  Chair Burtner has asked Mr. Anderson to make further inquiries into this E-rate funding and report back to the TWG.


Chair Burtner reported that he, along with Carl Samantello, Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Williams, Superintendent George Giokaris, and then Assistant to the City Manager Joe Felz, had met to discuss the School District's participation in the Net.  While the cost to build the network has been estimated to be $1.8 million, of continuing concern is the unknown factor of connectivity costs for the schools and ongoing maintenance costs. 


In a subsequent meeting with City Manager Chris Meyer and Joe Felz, Dr. Burtner learned that City Manager Meyer will require a formal memorandum of understanding executed by the school districts.  Newly appointed Acting Assistant to the City Manager Robert Ferrier has been assigned the task of drafting the MOU.  Mr. Meyer also proposed that a Joint Powers Authority be created to organize and operate the network, with an oversight committee appointed to supervise the JPA.


In another meeting with Tony Anderson and Mitch Hovey (new FSD superintendent), Dr. Burtner learned of a new concern of the School District – declining enrollment, which will consequently affect School District funding.  But it was agreed that, considering we are at the beginning of the 21st century, the importance of creating a project such as the I-Net could not be overstated.


Mr. Anderson pointed out that while the FSD was not currently considering layoffs, they would probably be looking at significant cutbacks over the next couple of years.


Chair Burtner reported that Mr. Brinskele had suggested that the TWG contact Michael Crose, C&M Technology, to prepare a financial analysis of operational costs and an RFP.  Mr. Crose has served as the consultant for the creation of the fiber network for the Santa Clara Unified School district, is currently working as a consultant for the Gilbert Unified School District in Arizona, and prepared the technology plan and bond measure for the 199 Washoe County schools in Reno and Tahoe, Nevada.  In addition, Mr. Crose has conducted financial analyses for King County in Washington State in connection with their I-Net.  Mr. Crose is also very knowledgeable about E-rate funding.


Chair Burtner suggested that it would be advantageous to bring Mr. Crose to Fullerton to speak with the school district superintendents, IT managers, city staff, the TWG, and other interested parties, regarding the design process, project costs, and funding options.  Mr. Ferrier indicated that the City would be willing to pay the expenses (approximately $1,000) to have Mr. Crose meet in Fullerton for a day.  With that said, Chair Burtner asked for the TWG's approval and a motion that the TWG recommend that the City contract with Michael Crose for the one-day meeting.  Mr. Port so moved.  Mr. Stover seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.


Mr. Ferrier stated he would coordinate the meeting with Mr. Crose.  Chair Burtner indicated he would provide Mr. Crose, in advance of the meeting, all of the necessary documents pertaining to the I-Net so that Mr. Crose has time to adequately review the project before his meeting in Fullerton.


Chair Burtner pointed out that if the day with Mr. Crose proves successful, the TWG may want to recommend that the City contract with Mr. Crose to prepare the RFP/RFI. 


Progress Report for City Council


Chair Burtner had distributed to the TWG members a draft progress report that he prepared at the direction of City Manager Meyer to be submitted to City Council.  In reviewing the report, it was suggested by TWG members that the front page of the report (the Executive Summary) be revised to state clearly for the City Council what the TWG is about, the direction it is headed, what the end result will be, and what it will cost.  Chair Burtner noted he would work with Vice Chair Stover to refine the Executive Summary for final review by the TWG members.


Memorandum of Understanding


Since Mr. Ferrier had been assigned the task of developing the MOU, he was asked when he envisioned having the MOU finalized and agreed to by all parties.  Mr. Ferrier suggested September, depending on how quickly Mr. Crose's report could be finalized and distributed among the three bodies. 


Mr. Anderson pointed out that with a new superintendent and a new assistant superintendent coming on board, it was unlikely that an MOU would be able to be processed that quickly.


Mr. Ferrier pointed out that City Manager indicated he would be reluctant to involve the City in any kind of RFP until such time as an MOU had been agreed to by all parties which defined some kind of financial commitment to be made by each of them depending upon the response to an RFP.  Mr. Ferrier further noted that staff cannot present a $2 million project to Council without the intent of the parties to make a financial commitment.


2.  Fullerton Wireless – Increase bandwidth for all users


Chair Burtner reported that Joe Felz had suggested that Dr. Burtner, Helen Hall, and Rob Ferrier meet with the Police Department to determine how they wish to proceed based on the different strategies which had been outlined to them.  Meeting date to be determined.



To be determined based on meeting with Mr. Crose.






Mr. Canfield indicated that he had been contacted by former TWG member Gerry Lucas' widow.  She wished to express her thanks to the TWG for the certificate the City presented to her for her late husband's work with the TWG, and to let the committee know how much he enjoyed the time he spent working for the City in that capacity.


Chair Burtner reported that he had attended a half-day conference in Costa Mesa on July 25 presented by Xirrus.  Of particular interest was discussion about the 802.11n and achieving data rates of up to 300 megabits per second, as well as increasing range.  By having a certain number of radios and an equal number of antennas, they are sectorized and can simultaneously pick up the same signal being bounced from different directions and put it all back together again in real time.  Consequently, the receive sensitivity is greater than existing systems, and receive sensitivity is probably the weakest link in a lot of wireless systems because clients are sending at lower power and omnidirectional. 



With no further business, Chair Burtner asked for a motion to adjourn.  The motion to adjourn was made by Helen Hall and seconded by Fred Canfield.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:59 a.m. with unanimous approval. 


The next meeting date will be announced at a later time.



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