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False Alarm Fact Sheet
The Fullerton Police Department encourages people to protect their property with alarms; it is the inexpensive and smart thing to do. But, alarms can become a problem for the police department. Here are some facts:
  • We respond to an average of approximately 4865 alarms each year.
  • 95% of them are false.
  • Only 5% of the alarms we respond to are legitimate.
  • False alarms represent 9% of our total calls for police service.
  • We respond to an average of 13 false alarms per day.
  • Almost 1 call for service in ten is a false alarm.
  • Two police officers are sent to each alarm call.
  • The average time spent on an alarm call is 15 minutes times two police officers; this is 30 minutes of police officer time.
  • Police officers spend almost 7 hours a day on false alarm calls.

We are talking about false alarms. These are non-events, mistakes, and accidents. There is no reason for the police to respond. A false alarm is a faulty alarm, a mistake by an employee, etc.

The time an officer spends on one of these calls could be spent doing something important and necessary. We do not believe refusing to respond is an option. If you call us, we will come.

The above facts make an alarm ordinance necessary. Quality alarms minimize false activation. Adequate training of personnel can help avoid accidental activation.

If you have any questions about false alarms, you may call the Alarm Coordinator at the Administrative Services Department at (714) 738-6529

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