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Fullerton Library Sponsors “Partners In Chime”
Contact :Fullerton Public Library    (714) 738-6383
Fullerton City Manager’s Office    (714) 738-6317
Fullerton, CA – The Fullerton Public Library is pleased to sponsor another local artist concert with the harmonious music of "Partners In Chime," a 20 member orchestra of hand-held chime ringers. Hand-chimes, which are similar to hand-bells, have complex harmonies with dimensional overtones. The “Partners In Chime” concert is Monday July 29th and starts at 7pm, seating at 6:30 p.m.

The concert will be held in the Osborne Auditorium, famous for its acoustics and intimate experience of performances. This Concert is produced by Lew Dentler, a local talent supporter, and Director of Fullerton Library, Maureen Gebelein. 

Lee Lassetter, Conductor for “Partners In Chime,” is a multi-talented, musician as an organist at Manhattan Beach Community Church, and has accompanied the Senior Choir there on five European concert tours. Lassetter has sung in the Camerata Singers of Long Beach for 18 seasons. She has been Director of “Partners In Chime” since 1995.

Fullerton Library Director, Maureen Geblein explained, “We are constantly looking for ways to promote our local artists and this is one outstanding opportunity. “Partner in Chime” is a wonderful family entertainment venue bringing an emotional experience for your ears and a wow factor for your eyes.” Furthermore, she added, “the concert is free making this an experience that the whole family will enjoy together.”

For more information, please contact the Fullerton Library at (714) 738-6383 or Lew Dentler, producer, at (714) 525-3766.