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Applicants Sought for City Advisory groups
Contact :City Clerk's Office    (714) 738-6351
Fullerton City Manager’s Office    (714) 738-6317

Applications are being accepted from persons interested in filling vacancies on one of 13 advisory committees and commissions to the Fullerton City Council.

          Deadline for returning applications is 5 p.m. Friday, November 30. 

          The groups and the number of vacancies on each are:  Arboretum Commission, one; Bicycle Users Subcommittee, three;  Citizens Infrastructure Review Committee, six;  Community Development Citizen’s Committee, one for the Southeast Area;  Energy and Resource Management Committee, four;  Investment Advisory Committee, one;  Library Board of Trustees, two;  Parks and Recreation Commission, four;  Planning Commission, four;  Design Review Committee, three;  Technology Working Group, eight; Transportation and Circulation Commission, four; and Underground Utilities Advisory Committee, one.

          All positions are for four-year terms, with the exception of the Library Board of Trustees, whose members serve three-year terms.

          Applicants for all groups must be Fullerton residents, with these exceptions:  Applicants for the Bicycle Users Subcommittee may work in Fullerton; applicants for the Community Development Citizen’s Committee must live in the Southeast Area; and applicants for the Technology Working Group and the Transportation and Circulation Commission may live or work in Fullerton. 

          All positions are volunteer, with the exception of the Planning Commission and Design Review Committee, whose members receive small per-meeting stipends.  Some commission and committee members may be required by state law to file conflict of interest disclosure statements.

          The Arboretum Commission oversees the development, use and maintenance of the arboretum facility on the campus of California State University Fullerton.

          The Bicycle Users group, a subcommittee of the transportation group, advises the council on policies, plans and projects which impact bicycle travel in the city, as well as promotes bicycle usage. 

The Citizens’ Infrastructure Review Committee advises on the development and implementation of an action plan designed to address deficiencies in the city’s infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, curbs, etc.).

The Community Development Citizen’s Committee provides input to the City Council on the development, implementation and evaluation of Fullerton’s Community Development Block Grant Program, funded through the Federal Housing and Urban Development Department.

          The Energy and Resource Management Committee advises the council on such matters as city-wide recycling programs, alternate energy sources and energy conservation measures. 

          The Investment Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on the City’s investment strategy and policy.

The Library Board of Trustees oversees the general operations of the Fullerton Public Library, including setting policy and regulations for the conduct of library affairs. 

          The Parks and Recreation Commission makes recommendations on the planning and development of all park, recreation, human services, and cultural and fine arts programs in the city.

          The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations on all development matters in the city, including general plan amendments, zoning issues, building applications, conditional use permits, and variances.

The Design Review Committee advises the council on design issues involving projects in the city's three redevelopment areas.  Members must have experience in architecture, landscaping or design.

          The Technology Working Group advises City staff and council on the development of a telecommunications master plan that incorporates wireless, fiber optic and new hybrid-fiber-coax technologies in the city.

The Transportation and Circulation Commission provides input to the Fullerton City Council on matters dealing with public transportation and circulation systems, facilities, policies, plans and programs within the city.

The Underground Utilities Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the City Council on the establishment of underground utility districts and related matters.

          Applications and further information may be obtained by calling the Fullerton City Clerk’s Office at (714) 738-6351, or by visiting the office on the first floor of Fullerton City Hall, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave. 

          Completed applications must be returned to the City Clerk’s Office.

The application is also available on the clerk’s page on the city’s website at

Persons requiring special accommodations to serve on a committee or commission are asked to notify the City Clerk Office staff when filing their applications.